Massive Cyber Monday Blowout: Everything Is Free!

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There are so many deals on Cyber Monday that it's like peak rush hour traffic on the information superhighway from dawn to dusk. You can hardly click your mouse without stumbling into a hearty half-dozen pop-up windows encouraging you to take advantage of one-time-only savings while they last! Act now! Satisfaction guaranteed!


And let's face it: Here at GoCertify, we've got no more scruples about blasting a great toot on the Horn of Massive Savings than anyone else. If there's a super duper ultra lightning deal on something, then we're going to be just as quick to let you know about it as a flood of e-mails from every online nook or cranny where you've ever mistakenly left your personal information.


Which is why we wanted to take a moment today to let you know: Almost everything at GoCertify is 100 percent off! That's right, it's (nearly) all as free as a bird! See something that you like? Help yourself! It's all on the house.


OK, so we do some affiliate selling of practice exams, study materials, and other stuff. We're trying to make an honest buck or two on the side. It really is on the side, however: Our main focus here at GoCertify is to be an excellent and free IT training resource.


For example, we've got more than 260 free practice quizzes. That's nearly 3,000 questions in all, covering everything from information security, to computer networking, to hardware repair and maintenance, to software testing, to Big Data, to cloud computing, and more. You can pull up a quiz and sharpen your wits any time, free of charge.


We also have a whopping archive of certification and general IT articles that address the same vast array of topics. And like (almost) everything else around here, the benefit of that vast trove of tech knowledge is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere (that one can connect to the internet), at no charge.


One of our most popular articles ever is a "get you started" guide to free IT certification training resources, but we barely even mention our own "horn of plenty" offerings. That's right: GoCertify is a cornucopia of IT certification and training assistance par excellence. We're overflowing with the stuff you crave.


We don't make a big deal out of it very often: We tend to be strong and silent by nature, as well as humble and self-effacing. We promise to go at least until next Cyber Monday without telling you how great we are again. In case you've been wondering, however, sometimes it's true what they say:


The best things in life are free.


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