MeasureUp Goes Mobile with Array of Certification Practice Exams

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In 2015, the well-connected IT pro doesn't have to wait around for much. Thanks to the ever-expanding magic of mobile technology, you can take the internet with you wherever you go. Want to check a sports score, rent a movie, or tweet your thoughts about the latest breaking news? It's done almost as soon as you think of doing it.


Now we can add another item to the list of conveniently accessible digital amenities: certification practice tests. In the most recent Salary Survey conducted by Certification Magazine, practice tests were rated one of the most effective means of preparing to take a certification exam. A good practice test challenges your mastery of the subject matter and helps you sharpen your testing skills at the same time.


Late last week, MeasureUp, a leading vendor of certification preparation materials, released a new upgrade to its array of online practice test that greatly increases user flexibility. With the launch of its latest exam technology, users can take exams on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Stuck in a long line at the bank of post office? Instead quietly fuming, whip out your phone and add some valuable prep time for your next certification.


MeasureUp practice tests are now accessible via iPhone and iPad, Android tablets and phones, or Lumia 920 and Surface. Browser access has also been improved, with upgrades for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The MeasureUp overhaul also makes it easier (and faster) to download or access test materials, and increased customization is available as well. Potential users interested in test-driving the new features should check out the free demo online.


MeasureUp CEO Sam Brocal said in a statement to media members that the pace of improvements in online certification study has been slow in recent years. "We set out to revolutionize how and where practice tests were delivered," Brocal said. "Because the focus should always be on usability, increased content delivery speed, multi-browser access and, of course, compatibility with mobile devices were top priorities."


MeasureUp made headlines last year with the release of an online practice labs tool similar in conception and execution to CompTIA's ballyhooed CertMaster. MeasureUp delivers study content for Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, VMware and the Linux Professional Institute, among other certification organizations.

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