Microsoft Previews New Video-Based Certification Program

Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn (and Lynda) is beggining to pay off.

When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn at the end of 2016, I wondered about the long-term implications of this acquisition. What many don't know, and didn't really appreciate at the time, was that LinkedIn itself acquired online training company Lynda in April 2015.


Creating a synergistic harmony between itself and Lynda, LinkedIn had already started to combine its knowledge of members' technical skills and job search interests with potential training and career development materials. Microsoft has slowly been absorbing the capabilities that both LinkedIn and Lynda bring to the table.


Now, finally, we see some tangible fruits of that union in a Feb. 27 Born To Learn blog post from Selina Winter: New LinkedIn Learning Course Explores MCSA and MCSE certifications. This item basically announces the availability of an 84-minute video "course" that features long-time instructor David Elfassy marching people through the ins and outs of the MCSA and MCSE certifications from Microsoft Learning.


Don't get the wrong idea. This is more than just an infomercial. It's more of a demonstration of capability, and a teaser to entice people to dig into further, fee-based training offerings from LinkedIn Learning, courtesy of the Lynda team. These folks do great work, and the videos are sharp and professional, with outstanding graphics and great production values throughout.


This is no "talking head with an occasional screenshot" video training. This is full-on, high-res, high-dollar training material entirely ready for primetime. Or rather, ready and able to help busy IT professionals (or aspiring IT professionals) buckle down and do some serious learning.


Here's a list of the topics covered in the video, which is formally named "Microsoft Certifications: Exams, Paths, Certifications and Resources" (it's available through Lynda):


? Microsoft certification levels
? Microsoft certification paths
? Exam question types and samples (Source of the image that appears below)
? Details about the exam
? Exam preparation resources


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I see some discussion on the Born to Learn post's comments that this course is not free. I can't tell, because I'm already comped into both LinkedIn Learning and (I've done some writing about them in the past, and am apparently signed up for training access). Those who want to watch this video, however, can do so for free — if they're willing to jump through some hoops.


Both LinkedIn Learning and offer 1-month, free trial subscriptions to let interested professionals sample their wares. I think this is eminently worth doing anyway. Even a full-blown subscription isn't a killer expense:


? LinkedIn Learning's Premium subscription is $29.99 per month, or $299.88 per year.
? charges $25 a month for regular membership, $37.50 on a month-by-month basis, and $240 to $360 for yearly equivalents.


Yes, you do have to sign up, provide credit card or other e-payment info, and remember to opt out — should you decide not to subscribe — before the 30-day trial ends. But that's what reminders in your online calendar are for, right? Check it out!


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