Microsoft Updates Cert Roadmap for Current Curriculum

With the latest version of its "Skills Development Roadmap," Microsoft finally integrates its various Technology Associate (MTA) credentials with all of the related exams that can lead to an MCSA (which varies from 2 to 3, depending on the track). You can also see how, from there, one gets to any of the 8 MCSE credentials currently available.


The same diagram also shows how an MTA in Software Development can lead to one of the 5 different MCSD credentials available for those interested in building software within the Microsoft development environment(s). You can check it out below, or easily grab your own larger and more legible version from the Born to Learn blog posting titled Updated Certification Roadmap Now Available!





I have to wonder if this doesn't presage more aggressive promotion of the MTA outside of academia, where it's been a prominent feature of the Microsoft IT Academy curriculum for three years or more. Microsoft just announced last year that it would make the MTA available through commercial, non-academic learning channels, and a spate of books, practice tests and video training seems to indicate they're pushing further into the field.


Numerous job retraining programs (like those available through unemployment commissions and offices in many states in the USA) have started to offer MTA training to help people retarget themselves for more active and competitive job markets. So this seems to indicate that the MTA really is taking its place as the entry-level curriculum for those interested in Microsoft certification.


Be sure to check it out!


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