OpenStack certifications can open career opportunities

Since its initial introduction in the form of a joint project between NASA and Rackspace Hosting in 2010, OpenStack has gone onto become a genuine industry phenomenon. Today, hundreds of companies support this initiative — including AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware and many others — and OpenStack is taking an increasingly important role in data centers for managing pools of processing, storage and networking resources. Accordingly, OpenStack certifications are popping up all over the place as numerous players seek to help IT professionals take advantage of, and cash in on, this remarkable technology platform.


Cloud computing B

The organization with custody over this dynamic open-source software environment is the OpenStack Foundation, which currently numbers over 850 members, and has raised more than $10 million in funding to help turn OpenStack into what the foundation itself calls "the ubiquitous cloud computing platform." Individual membership in the OpenStack Foundation is free, just like the software it makes available to the public, where individual members provide support through various types of "sweat equity" such as community building or technical contributions.


Larger commercial concerns provide financial support in the forms of various levels of membership, such as Platinum, Gold, and Corporate level sponsorships (see the Companies page for a list of who's playing in this part of the OpenStack field). It's also interesting to observe that OpenStack apparently cuts across most (or all) IT market niches, and includes hardware companies, software companies, service providers, infrastructure providers, and more, amongst its ranks.


One clear sign of OpenStack's growing market synergy and momentum is a growing body of players offering training (to a larger extent) and certification (to a lesser extent) on the subject matters involved. Here's a short and hopefully interesting list of current players who offer training and/or certification that takes OpenStack as its primary or exclusive focus. This should be an interesting list to maintain, because I expect it to keep growing by massive leaps and bounds, just as the whole OpenStack space is doing. The entries are provided in alphabetical order by sponsor or provider organization name:


Cert/Program Name




Cloud Credential Council (CCC)

OpenStack cert progam

In development

Administrator, Developer, Service Mgmt, Solutions Architect certs

Initiative underway as of June 2014


Helion Solution Partner OpenStack Certification

HP Partner training & cert

Single credential still in development

Available only to HP Solution Partners


OpenStack Administrator


3 tiers: Associate, Professional, Master

Master still in development

Morph Labs

Certified OpenStack Training

General OpenStack training program

3-day training class

No cert credential currently offered

Red Hat



single cert

Red Hat Certified Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack


Rackspace Certified Technician for OpenStack


Numerous OpenStack courses

IceHouse only cert module available; others coming


OpenStack Database Certification Program



Announced 8/18/14

Most of these programs are less than two years old, and several (most notably CCC, Tesora, and HP) are still in design and development phases. There are already more than half-a-dozen such programs available or in the offering, however, with many more sure to follow in the months and years ahead.

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