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Edge computing is forcing change across the IT landscape

In general terms, edge computing is about bringing things closer together. Increased proximity is a silver bullet of computer technology that eliminates problems and unlocks new possibilities.

U.S. Jobs: Pandemic Still Undermining Employment

The COVID-colored employment picture in the United States remains murky, despite a return to work (or first-time employment) for nearly 2 million individuals. Ed Tittel looks inside the numbers.

Single-Serving Certifications: Yet More Bites of Discrete Data from the CertMag Salary Survey

Certification Magazine hands off some data leftovers from its annual Salary Survey. We pop them in the microwave.

Google Announces Three New IT Certificates

Earlier this month, Google announced three new career certificates designed to help people get on the pathway to in-demand, high-paying technology jobs. Not only that, but career placement resources are included.

25 Years of Java: Still as Popular as It's Ever Been

Programmers have now been using Java to create and refine internet applications for nearly as long as the general public has been using the internet. So why has it been so durable and long-lived?

The Ongoing Evolution of Microsoft Certification

The Microsoft certification program is changing, in more ways than just its new name. More and more the center of gravity is shifting in the direction of Azure, Microsoft's answer to all cloud computing questions.

Who Invented the Computer? The ENIAC Six

GoCertify takes a tour through the annals of recorded science to illuminate the origin story of one of the most consequential inventions in the history of humankind. In today's installment: pioneers of programming.

U.S. Military Veterans Should Spend GI Bill Benefits with Care

Ed Tittel offers a word to the wise (among U.S. veterans, that is) about benefits granted by the GI Bill.

Quantum Computing Could Change Everything ... Someday

The hype about quantum computing is already here and it's exciting. Quantum computing as we actually know and use it, however, is still in the early stages of a long-term journey to practical feasibility.

Virtualization Is Key to the Future of IT. Therefore ... What?

The IT world is in the midst of an all-encompassing migration to "the cloud." Cloud technology and virtualization go hand in hand. Ergo, you need to know a thing or two (or more) about virtualization.

Happy Independence Day from the GoCertify Team

How much do you know about John Hancock, the "forgotten" Founding Father? Celebrate (yes, belatedly) the U.S. observance of Independence Day with another GoCertify holiday quiz!

U.S. Jobs: June Numbers Are Already Old News

After more than 30 million jobs went away in March and April, 4.8 million came back in June. Or did they? With COVID-19 infections surging, many of those jobs may already have vanished — again.

Time Management Tips for IT Professionals

You can't make time work for you, but you can get better at using the time available to do your work. So what does it take to increase your productive use of the hours in the day?

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts and Certs Bearing the Promise of Fat Paycheck

Ed Tittel encounters another article linking huge salaries to certification ... and beats it roundly with his "But" stick.

Single-Serving Certifications: Still More Bites of Discrete Data from the CertMag Salary Survey

Certification Magazine hands off some data leftovers from its annual Salary Survey. We pop them in the microwave.

Creativity and Diversity Needed to Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Fortinet's new survey of U.S. and Canadian companies reveals a growing cybersecurity skills gap. Gear up, IT pros: We have lots of (good) work to do!