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Six Hot Cloud Computing Certifications for 2021

A new year approaches! If you have a serious professional interest in cloud computing, then you could make a big impact on your career outlook by focusing on one of these six certifications in 2021.

Save Money with Refurbished Computer Hardware

With the gift-giving season at hand, those considering a PC purchase should check out the major maker’s refurbished computer sales outlets. Stretch your giving dollar by going with "nearly new" instead of cutting edge.

Six Hot Networking Certifications for 2021

A new year approaches! If you have a serious professional interest in computer networking, then you could make a big impact on your career outlook by focusing on one of these six certifications in 2021.

U.S. Jobs: November Dip Suggests Slowdown Ahead

The rosy tinge of October’s jobs added number staying mostly in line with September’s is dashed by a dizzying drop to November's numbers. The edge of a cliff could lie somewhere close ahead.

GoCertify Looks Back: Our 10 Most Popular Quizzes of 2020

The new year is nearly here. That means it's time to reflect on everything we've accomplished in 2020. First up: our most popular quizzes.

Give Thanks and Help Put Food on Someone Else's Plate

With the pandemic surging and unemployment affecting the lowest-paid workers most, it’s a better time than ever to make a donation to your local food bank. IT brother (or sister), can you spare a dime?

The GoCertify Team Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

How much do you know about the American observance of Thanksgiving? GoCertify celebrates the holiday and bids all readers enjoy the weekend with a special quiz.

Who Invented the Computer? TRADIC

GoCertify takes a tour through the annals of recorded science to illuminate the origin story of one of the most consequential inventions in the history of humankind. In today's installment: the U.S. Air Force and TRADIC.

Revisiting IT Certification Training Subscriptions

Back in 2016, I recommended that IT pros check their options for IT cert training subscriptions. Pandemic-driven disruption makes that recommendation even more apt now than it was then.

The Linux Foundation Offers Diversity Education

There are numerous mentoring groups and advocacy boards created with the goal of promoting a more diverse and inclusive IT workforce. The Linux Foundation is taking a somewhat different approach.

New CompTIA Security+ Marches Forth

You know you’re ahead of the curve when, following CompTIA’s own announcement of the Security+ SY0-601 exam, you still find the sponsor’s cert page touting the previous version (SY0-501, launched Oct. 4, 2017).

Democratization Is Leveling the Technology Playing Field

As computer technology gets more powerful and less expensive, avenues of opportunity are opening up to individuals and organizations that were previously left on the outside looking in.

U.S. Jobs: Recovery Continues, Outlook Slightly Rosy

The slowly recuperating U.S. economy regained fewer jobs in October than in September, but there are still hopeful signs of turnaround. Among the most important is that the official unemployment rate is now just 6.9 percent.

Get Virtual and Advance Your Cybersecurity Career with (ISC)² Security Congress

The annual Security Congress event hosted by (ISC)² is happening online this year — and there's still time to register to attend!

Time to Start Certification and Career Planning for 2021

Every year I make some recommendations on planning for the upcoming year. This year has been like no other in recent memory, so I have to believe a little more time, planning, and effort may be needed to get ready for 2021.

The GoCertify Team Wishes You a Happy Halloween

'Tis the season for spooky stuff! Before heading out to go trick-or-treating or participate in other festive holiday revels, test your historical knowledge of malware, viruses and famous hackers!