Professional Examination Service Releases ProExam Vault for Digital Credentials

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) - Professional Examination Service, the most experienced organization in professional licensure and certification services, today announced version 1.0 of ProExam Vault, its secure, web-based platform for issuing, sharing and storing digital credentials and micro-credentials.

ProExam Vault is designed to make it simple for credential issuers (such as professional associations or educational institutions), earners (such as job candidates) and employers to manage and verify credentials that are issued and distributed digitally. Since ProExam Vault conforms to the Mozilla Foundation's Open Badge Infrastructure standard, the credentials issued are displayed as "open badges" that can easily be combined, shared and verified.

When used with other services, ProExam Vault enables assessment-based credentialing to securely move into digital form. These open badges could represent traditional credentials from paper- or computer-based testing sites, or newer digital micro-credentials which are for more focused skills, knowledge or accomplishments and assessed through Internet-based testing.

"ProExam Vault is not just a key part of our ProExam Digital Micro-Credential service, which we announced earlier this year, it also makes it possible to create portable digital credentials from other assessment sources," said Robert S. Block, president and CEO of Professional Examination Service. "This can reduce the costs of organizations that sponsor credentials, increase the flexibility for job candidates who want to let employers know what they've earned, and streamline the ability of hiring managers to verify the validity of a claimed credential."

Digital badges managed with ProExam Vault support the core features of "backpacks" specified by the Open Badge standard. Credential issuers control requirements for earning a credential, including its description and graphic image; earners store and decide how and where to share them (including on social networking, employment and other websites and services); and employers can immediately verify a credential by clicking to display a secure validation page with earner- and issuer-specific details.

ProExam Vault is available to credential-issuing organizations either combined with Professional Examination Service's assessment and other credentialing services, or as a stand-alone offering.

About Professional Examination Service
Professional Examination Service (ProExam) is the most experienced organization in professional credentialing, providing comprehensive services and technology to programs across a broad range of professions. Since 1941, ProExam has supported professional licensure and certification, training and continuing professional education with its full, flexible range of assessment and advisory services. ProExam is a not-for-profit organization with uniquely tailored services, a dedication to personal attention and insight into emerging credentialing trends. Learn more at

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