Prometric Opens State-of-the-Art Global Operations Hub in Baltimore County

Gov. O'Malley Lauds Maryland's Ability
to Attract High-Quality, Global Companies and Jobs Growth

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - Prometric, a trusted provider of market-leading test development and delivery solutions, has opened its state-of-the-art, global operations hub, located at 7941 Corporate Drive, in Baltimore County.  In January, Prometric announced it would staff its $12 million operations center with 100 new jobs.  Recruitment has been successful from a rich talent pool allowing Prometric to fill positions in IT systems management, exam registration, customer service, warehouse, test center administration, IT technicians and developers, business analytics, and test center security planning.  Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz lauded Prometric for its growth and commitment to fostering a successful, technology-enabled, global business. 


"It is exciting to see a cutting-edge, innovative company like Prometric creating high-quality jobs in Baltimore County," said Governor Martin O'Malley.

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently reaffirmed Maryland as the top state for Entrepreneurship and Innovation because of our commitment to high-tech industries and our willingness to invest in the talents, skills, education and innovation of our people. We are pleased that Prometric has chosen to grow in Maryland – a reflection of our State's support for the companies that are creating the kinds of jobs and opportunities that will help us compete and win in the New Economy." 

The first 80 of 250 employees to occupy the 60,000 square foot facility arrived Monday, June 17, and Prometric's remaining employees are expected by the end of July. 

"Baltimore County welcomes Prometric to our tech community," said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.  "Our economic development and workforce teams worked closely with Prometric to recruit cyber security, IT and customer service professionals for Prometric's new global operations center in White Marsh."

rometric bases its corporate headquarters in Canton and currently has more than 450 employees in Maryland.  With its POC staff, Prometric has increased its presence in Maryland to more than 550 employees.  Prometric has 2,100 employees worldwide and operates in 160 countries. 

"Our company's most fundamental purpose is to produce reliable and valid test results for people to fairly demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.  These are the exams your physicians, teachers, accountants, law enforcement officers, architects and other distinguished professionals successfully complete to gain the public trust," said Michael Brannick, Prometric's President and CEO. 

"The open design and layout of the Prometric Operations Center generates greater opportunity for collaboration and dialogue between our employees and across their functional areas," added Brannick.  "This model puts into practice our belief that people instigate change and affords us the ability to find better, faster and more cost-effective solutions for our clients."

Prometric estimates that it will save $30 million over the next five years with the implementation of significant improvements in the processes streaming in and out of the Prometric Operations Center (POC).  Prometric delivers close to 10 million certification exams per year over a network of 8,200 test sites in more than 160 countries.  Prometric conducts testing on behalf of 400 clients in the academic, financial, government, healthcare, professional, corporate and information technology markets. 

Part of the new operation consolidates three separate operations into a single, cohesive unit.  In Minnesota, Prometric decreased its workforce but maintains its operation with a staff of 10 to 15 employees in a new office and technology-based testing center.  These employees are strategic to the company's North American business.  Some employees from Prometric's Woodlawn and Canton locations will also move to the new White Marsh facility.  The 250 jobs at the POC include 100 new jobs and 150 existing employees. 

Specific functions managed out of the new White Marsh facility include oversight of Prometric's global test center network, its global help desk, all contact centers, on-demand testing and candidate support. 

About Prometric
Prometric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment. Committed to a set of values that get the right test to the right location at the right time and to the right test taker, Prometric supports candidates worldwide who take close to 10 million tests each year.  Through innovation, workflow automation and standardization, Prometric advances test development and delivery solutions that are better, faster and at less cost.

Prometric delivers tests flexibly via the Web or by utilizing a robust network of more than 8,000 test centers in more than 160 countries and on behalf of more than 400 clients in the academic, financial, government, healthcare, professional, corporate and information technology markets. 

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