Ready, Set, Certified! GoCertify Unveils New Training Portal

Awesome new IT resources from GoCertify

For most of our existence, GoCertify has been sort of like the Robin or Commissioner Gordon of IT certification. Sometimes we're the sidekick who provides helpful assistance and support as the battle for your IT future unfolds. Sometimes we're the resourceful partner who calls attention to problems and challenges, and works to help bring about changes and improvements to the system.


For the past couple of months, however, we've been preparing to step into a larger role. Since midsummer, GoCertify has been making a concerted effort to directly prepare you for certification by publishing free quizzes that test your knowledge of IT tools, concepts and processes. We're still here to assist you, but ready to step into more of a leading role. We think it's time to become the Batman of IT certification.


Not all at once, of course. We're adding tools to our utility belt a piece at a time, however, and our aim is to gradually take on a bigger role. We're ready to help guide your IT ambitions from start to finish along the path to certification and employment. To better serve that end, we've concentrated some of our IT resources under a new banner. Starting right now, you can visit our Training Store to purchase top-quality certification preparation materials, including, in many cases, exam vouchers.


Maybe you've done enough studying already. Are you ready to test your mettle with a practice test, or actually make arrangements to sit for the real deal? We also have a great selection of exam vouchers and practice tests in our new Exam Store.


We don't want to just get you to the racetrack. We're ready to help you cross the finish line. Currently, we're offering packages to help you prepare for and pass certification exams from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and CompTIA. It's a small start, but something that we're proud of, and determined to build on. Moving forward, we won't only be working with partners, either. There are some very cool developments both in the short-term and long-term future of GoCertify.


We're glad to have you all here with us, and we hope that these new resources will be truly and meaningfully helpful as you follow your certification path. Certification is like a fire: Once lit, it provides light, warmth and energy to power your journey to greater tech knowledge and better IT employment.


We hope you'll return often in the months ahead, as we keep adding new elements. We'll always be here to help. Because we're the hero certification deserves, but not the hero that it needs right now. Er, or something like that.


Awesome new IT tools from GoCertify


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