Speakers sought for annual (ISC)2 cybersecurity conference

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It probably seems to many that the push for cybersecurity will never end. Then again, as long as the internet is running, devious masterminds will be finding new and creative ways to get inside the private business of individuals and organizations. And these days, cybersecurity defenses seem to get overrun almost routinely.


In support of the ongoing push for stronger security measures, the upcoming third annual (ISC)2 CyberSecurGov conference is putting out a call for the best representatives from "government, industry, and academia" to speak at next year's event. The government gets attacked by the same criminal element that tries to take down restaurants and retail stores, and sites that are meant to hold some of the most secure information in the country are consistently targeted by hackers.


As noted in the (ISC)2 call for presenters, "the U.S. government must find solutions to very complex issues and implement those solutions with lightning speed."


Ari Schwartz, Director for Cybersecurity Privacy, Civil Liberties and Policy on National Security Staff at The White House, was the opening keynote speaker for the second annual CyberSecureGov conference earlier this year in June. Schwartz is just one of the many cybersecurity professionals who addressed this year's participants. Now, (ISC)2 is giving the opportunity for other experts to address attendees May 14-15.


CyberSecureGov 2015 will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. Among other topics, participants will be provided with information on emerging threats and solutions.


Themed From Zero to 60: Advancing the Cybersecurity Workforce, the CyberSecureGov program will help attendees learn "how to maximize resource in order to keep pace with cyber threats." Attendees will be addressed by speakers, and have the opportunity to participate in a legislative town hall, listen to panels, and take part in three dedicated educational tracks with cyber security professionals.


(ISC)2's stated goal for CyberSecureGov is "to provide federally-focused training at a low cost that will assist to advance security programs and help government personnel maximize resources in order to keep pace with cyber threats." 


If that isn't enough, attendees have abundant networking prospects with experts and professionals in the cybersecurity field, including chief architects, security managers, senior IT program managers, cyber professionals, and others.


For those interested in pursuing an opportunity to speak, (ISC)2 is accepting submissions for the following sessions:

Cloud Security
Threat Intelligence
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Security Automation/Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
Application/Software Security
Mobile Security
Supply Chain Risk Management
Risk and Financial Management
Identity and Access Management

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