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Cyberspace can be a dangerous place, even if you aren't looking for trouble. Sometimes especially if you aren't looking for trouble. Because whether or not you're keeping your eyes peeled and your cyberwits about you, there are threats everywhere that only a trained cybersecurity professional with the benefit of active detection and monitoring software is likely to even recognize.


That's one reason why there's such a high level of interest in security certifications right now. The just-published autumn edition of Certification Magazine includes the results of a survey of top cybersecurity certs. One credential that boasts strong name recognition is CompTIA's popular Security+, which popped through in CertMag's survey with an average annual salary of $95,220.


CompTIA regularly renews its credentials to keep them abreast of constantly evolving technology, and the latest overhauled version of Security+, SYO-401, was released this year, so it's a great time to finally gain the industry recognition — and earning power — conferred by this top cert. And CertBlaster has one of the top certification study suites for Security+ on the market.


The actual Security+ exam has a mere 90 questions, but CertBlaster will firehose cybersecurity knowledge into your noggin with more 400 practice questions, including scenario- and performance-based questions that simulate actual security tasks and situations. CertBlaster offers a separate focus drill for each of CompTIA's five core Security+ domains, and there are three different study modes to keep your mind active and engaged.


You don't have to wonder whether you're ready to take the actual exam, either. The CertBlaster Security+ study suite includes four complete simulated exams. You don't have to question how well you know your stuff, or whether you'll be able to perform on the spot. You can get past all of that four times over before you even show up to the testing center.


For security pros who already have Security+ but are curious to know what's been changed on the new exam, CertBlaster has that information, too. They've provided an overview article to help you make an educated guess at how badly your knowledge might need to be upgraded.


Security+ certification offers advantages beyond just giving you a strong foundational knowledge of IT security and increasing your chances of grabbing a top cybersecurity salary. Because of CompTIA's longstanding relationship with the United States Department of Defense, Security+ is a solid stepping stone to government jobs that require cybersecurity skills and knowledge.


You can purchase CertBlaster online and start using it immediately. You don't have to wait for anything to arrive by mail (it's the 21st century, people), or even waste time downloading and installing new software. The entire study suite is hosted online, and once you've paid to get in, it's available to you around the clock, at your convenience.


What are you waiting for? It seems like it was just yesterday that Ed Tittel was pontificating about the huge need for trained IT security professionals. There's a highly compensated cybersecurity job out there with your name on it, and with CertBlaster and Security+, you'll be ready to step up in no time at all.

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