Survey Says: Red Hat Points to Trends in IT Mobility Hiring

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There's always a Next Big Thing in IT. Frankly, most of the time it seems as though there are several Next Big Things, and all of them are happening at the same time. There are so many different ways that technology makes things better, that it's hard to single out just one as being the place where everyone should congregate.


So pardon us in advance for begging a moment of your time to plug the Next Big Thing. Or rather, pardon Red Hat, because they're the ones who released the results of a recent survey earlier this week that sure makes it seem as though mobility might be the Next Big Thing. Not that mobility hasn't had its day in the sunshine yet, by any means. It's definitely one of the core Next Big Things.


(You know, along with the other Usual Suspects: Big Data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and so forth.)


In support of its current argument for mobility, however, Red Hat found key indicators, in a survey conducted this past March and April, that mobility is headed for a boom, or at least will continue its current boom. The survey polled integral "enterprise IT decision makers" at more than 110 firms across the globe, from small business to Fortune 500 companies.


One of the most important findings is that, across all those organizations, 50 percent of decision makers surveyed said that they plan to hire mobility professionals this year. That's a lot of job opportunities for people with the right skills, including, the survey revealed, front-end development expertise, back-end integration expertise, and DevOps for mobile expertise.


What, you make be asking, is "DevOps for mobile"? We're glad you asked. If you know DevOps, then there's definitely demand for your skills in the mobility hiring pool. Red Hat's survey indicated that 15 percent of all organizations studied want to hire DevOps experts to guide their mobility machinations.


There's also, as there usually is, some crossover between mobility and other speciliazations in the Next Big Thing family. If you can link your mobility skills to Internet of Things expertise, for example, then you stand an excellent chance of attracting the attention of the 70 percent of IT businesses that plan to incorporate IoT technology into their mobility plans in the next five years.


As noted in press materials by Red Hat VP of Mobile Platforms Cathal McGloin, lots of organizations are itching to expand the scope of their mobility expertise. "As organizations move to become more mobile-centric," McGloin said, "many are expected to continue expanding their mobile development teams and explore how those teams can work more collaboratively to bring apps to market faster.


"At the same time organizations are looking ahead and seeking to understand the impact that emerging technologies such as IoT and wearables may have on their business."


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