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Information Technology is one of world's most rapidly growing fields. As the global economy becomes more digitized, the demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow. With so many opportunities available for IT professionals, finding a career and a company that's right for you can be difficult. Additionally, having access to IT-specific networking platforms and other job-related resources is crucial in today's increasingly competitive tech labour market.


Whether you're a beginner in IT or a seasoned professional, being on the lookout for new opportunities and staying informed about new trends in the labor market is never a bad idea. In this article, we will take a look at some of the Internet's best online resources for IT job seekers.


Job Boards & Staffing Firms


Dice — Dice is one of the leading IT job boards in the United States and Canada, boasting monthly traffic of roughly 4.4 million visitors and listing some 87,000 IT jobs. Dice allows users to filter job listings by company, job type, location, and employment type as well. Dice is considered the leading job board for IT professionals who specialize in software development, security, network administration, and biotech.


Additionally, Dice's blog contains regularly-updated information on news and trends in IT and the tech labor market, making the site an excellent all-purpose resource for jobseekers in IT.


Robert Half Technology — With over 120 locations worldwide, Robert Half Technology is a leading IT job board and specialized IT staffing firm. They offer critically acclaimed staffing services for IT professionals in virtually every field, ranging from web development to database management to network administration. While their speciality lies in staffing, Robert Half also hosts a great job board that lists a wide variety of IT positions across the United States and Canada.


iCrunchData — iCrunchData is a popular job board for IT professionals looking for careers in Big Data and analytics in the US. The website allows job seekers to specify their particular sub-disciplines within these fields as well. While iCrunchData's focus is on Big Data and analytics related jobs, the website also features postings in application and web development.


iCrunchData's job board is useful for IT professionals of all experience levels, featuring everything from internships for recent graduates to senior level positions for candidates with 10 or more years of experience.


Tech Careers — TechCareers features thousands of IT jobs across Canada and the United States in virtually every field imaginable. In addition to providing a free job board, Tech Careers also allows job seekers to purchase a premium membership plan that highlights candidates' resumes and grants access to up-to-date and complete company profiles so that they can tailor their applications to specific IT firms.


CrunchBoard — Crunchboard is the highly popular job board of TechCrunch, the widely-read online magazine for tech news and startups. Crunchboard features a comprehensive job board with thousands of listings in every discipline of IT at virtually any skill level.


While Crunchboard lists many jobs from large and medium sized IT firms, the website is particularly useful if you're keen on finding IT employment with a start-up or other entrepreneurial ventures.


Additional Resources


Given how competitive the IT labor market has become, it's increasingly important to craft resumes and cover letters that will make your applications stand out. Additionally, before you select a particular IT field or company to work at, you need to have the proper information so that you can select what's right for you.


Let's take a look at some online resources to help you build stellar job applications, network with other IT professionals, and provide loads of useful information as you search for your dream job in IT.


Networking Platforms


Techist — With 83,000 members and more than two million posts, Techist is one of the largest online IT communities. IT professionals from across the globe regularly meet on Techist to discuss all things IT, from news and trends to advice on specific fields.


Techist provides IT professionals with a highly-trafficked platform to meet with other IT professionals and create relationships that will give them a serious advantage in finding employment in IT.


Bleeping Computer — Bleeping Computer Forums are an incredibly useful resource for meeting and discussing with other IT professionals around the globe. Their forums have over 700,000 members who have collectively written almost four million posts, making Bleeping Computer a great place for IT job seekers. Whether you need advice on certifications and career paths or if you'd just like to chat with like-minded professionals from your field, Bleeping Computer is an exceptional IT forum.


Informational Tools


Networking conversation

GlassDoor — GlassDoor is an excellent resource for aspiring IT professionals looking to select or change a career path, which companies they would like to work for, and what specific types of interview questions they should prepare for. The benefits GlassDoor provides as an informational tool are threefold:


First, the website features reviews of prominent IT companies from current and former employees so that you can determine which companies are a good fit for you. Second, GlassDoor has comprehensive information on salaries in the various IT sub-fields.


Third, and perhaps most importantly, the website offers excellent information for IT professionals as they prepare for interviews. For each specific job title (i.e., Network Administrator), GlassDoor has a comprehensive list of the sort of questions one can expect to hear from various companies that have hired people for similar roles.


Monster — Monster is a multi-sector job board and career resource that features several sections dedicated to helping individuals find their dream IT jobs. A handy resource is the highly useful resume guide for IT professionals that features different resume templates for many highly sought after positions in IT. Templates are also separated for entry-level, midlevel, and experienced IT professionals, letting you pick one that corresponds to your skill level and the type of job you're looking for.


Additionally, Monster has an Information Technology Careers section with plenty of useful articles for people looking to get into IT. This section is particularly useful for individuals just starting out in IT or who are looking to change their sub discipline.


About Careers — About Careers Technology is a regularly updated and widely-read online magazine that deals specifically with IT careers. You'll find plenty of useful information here on everything from how to attract tech recruiters to your LinkedIn profile to tech conferences in your area that are worth attending to help you build your professional network. In addition to advice, guides, and tips specifically for IT job seekers written by numerous industry leaders, the site also offers a monthly newsletter that enables subscribers to stay informed about changes in the IT labor market.


Stay Focused


With exceptional global growth and economies that are rapidly going digital, IT offers great employment opportunities. That being said, competition for IT jobs is fierce, especially as many prominent firms and organizations are increasingly turning to outsourced solutions.


Being informed about changes in IT, knowing the types of career paths and jobs available to you, and having a professional network of people who can help you attain gainful employment has never been more important.


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