The Deals Are Out There: Save Big on Certification as 2022 Comes to a Close

There are certification training deals wherever you look — as long as you search often and thoroughly.

Dang! I wish I’d seen this sooner, and that our publication cycle was faster. By the time you read about this offer, it will be passe. But take it as proof that truly incredible deals on IT training and certification — low cost, or in this case, free — are out there.

I read this PRweb new release with bemusement: Free Cybersecurity Training and Bootcamp Open to All. Why? Because it’s dated Dec. 9, and covers a class that meets in south Florida (Ft. Lauderdale or Miami) from December 12 to 16. I’m writing this story on December 15, and it won’t appear online until the week of Dec. 19.

Alas, that means this news is mostly irrelevant to readers: except for one important detail.

What’s on offer in this particular case? Two free boot camp opportunities, each with five days of instructor-led classroom training plus the related CompTIA exam for Server+ and Network+. The provider usually charges upwards of $2,500 for such classes, so it’s actually an amazing offer.

Network+ is a terrific entry point for IT pros interested in treading the cybersecurity certification trail. And Server+ is a great launchpad for IT pros interested in preparing themselves for all kinds of corporate IT or datacenter related positions. Plus, the price is hard to beat.

Where There’s One, There Are Often More…

Such opportunities do pop up from time to time. This one appears to be on a deliberately short leash, so that The Academy doesn’t get overwhelmed by aspirants (or that’s what I believe, anyway). But my belief is that where one such opportunity exists, there must be more.

And because this specific type of opportunity — in-person attendance at a physical classroom location — is a locale-based thing, it makes sense to scope your searches for places you might actually be able to access.

There are certification training deals wherever you look — as long as you search often and thoroughly.

In searching for these kinds of opportunities a search string like “free [name of certification] training near me” in Google could actually produce interesting results, if indeed such opportunities are currently available.

That said, this is the kind of thing you might want to try weekly, understanding that other vendors like The Academy that are near your location will also offer their occasional free training and certification promotions. Typically with an equally short window of time (December 9 to 12 is exactly four days) to take action.

Consider Doing Likewise for No-Cost/Low-Cost Online Training

A similar search strategy seems worthwhile for chasing down low-budget online cert training opportunities, too. I’d recommend visiting the platforms mentioned in resources such as LearnWorlds "27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)" to see what’s available.

If you’re interested in specific certifications or training courses, then you can take a similar approach to the foregoing search string, using the platform’s built-in search engine, as well as more general searches.

Don’t Forget the All-You-Can-Eat Online Learning Subscriptions, Either…

There are certification training deals wherever you look — as long as you search often and thoroughly.

As I try to mention as frequently as I can, some of the best deals in IT certification training are available by subscription, where paying a yearly fee will usually save 10 percent or more on equivalent monthly costs (see this PC Mag story Best Online Learning Platforms for 2022, for example).

You can find pretty interesting libraries of cert skills training, with labs and practice tests to work on, too, for anywhere from $15 a month and upwards. Lots of great providers come in around $30-to-45 a month, with usefully comprehensive coverage of most (but never all) popular and high-demand certifications, especially for entry-level and mid-career IT professionals.

Remember: If you don’t look for deals, then you won’t find any. But if you do look — and, in fact, look frequently — then you can cover your training and cert preparation costs for amazingly low monthly costs. Check early, check often, and you may be able to add to and maintain your skills and knowledge without breaking the bank.

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