Warm Wishes from GoCertify on Memorial Day

Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery

Information technology and certification are global pursuits, and GoCertify has a global visitorship. The core GoCertify team is based in the United States, however, so our work schedule typically falls in line with U.S. norms, meaning that the final Monday in May is a day of remembrance for us.


Memorial Day became a formal observance in the United States following the close of the American Civil War. Though many generations of American citizens honored those killed in national conflicts prior to the Civil War, the tradition of visiting and decorating soldiers' graves was begun in earnest by Civil War veterans associations in the 1860s.


In connection with Veteran's Day, which honors both active and retired servicemen and women, Memorial Day in the United States is dedicated to preserving the memory of all those killed in the course of the nation's military engagements.


It's both a solemn and a hopeful day. Sobering in the remembrance of those who, as President Abraham Lincoln famously expressed in his dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, "gave the last full measure of devotion." Buoyant in the vigor of the still flourishing free society that fallen patriots made the ultimate sacrifice to protect.


On this special day, GoCertify salutes the courage and faithful service of the many thousands of Americans who have died to protect and preserve the nation where we live and work. It's easy to take for granted everything from safe homes on tree-lined streets, to well-stocked supermarkets, to an evening of entertainment in the city park.


It's not apropos of nothing that all of those things exist, however, and we're grateful to enjoy those benefits every day.


Many U.S. public and private schools conclude the school year at the end of May, so Memorial Day also serves as an unofficial kickoff to the informal summer vacation season. If you're traveling for the holiday, then we hope that you arrive safely at your destination.

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