Warmest Holiday Wishes to Our Extended Internet Family

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, OK, technically the most wonderful time of the year is at least 50 percent over, what with Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations now in the rear-view mirror. We hope that everyone had a festive and cheerful holiday weekend.


The space between Christmas and New Year's Day is a weird sort of commercial nether-realm here in the United States, where the GoCertify world headquarters are located. Many people go to work like normal, and some business is still transacted, but in large measure there's an extended informal break underway.


Actually, when Christmas falls on a Sunday, the next day here in the United States is usually a day off for many, in a "Christmas Observed" sort of way. So, at least this year, the Monday after Christmas (today, we mean) almost doesn't even count. And up in Canada, it's an actual holiday, Boxing Day. (And hey, shouldn't we all strive to emulate Canada?)


Since the GoCertify team is largely away from the home office this week, and since many of the patrons we'd normally expect to check in are probably otherwise occupied themselves, we'll be operating on a limited production schedule this week. For starters, we're mostly here today to tell you how much we appreciate your continued patronage.


We enjoy what we do here at GoCertify, but we couldn't make it work with a body of interested and engaged IT pros and IT learners. Our warmest and sincerest thanks to all of you. (Hopefully at least some of the "all of you" we're referring to will see this later, since most of the "all of you" probably won't get to it today.)


We'll have a new quiz on Wednesday (Dec. 28), and a new post from stalwart GoCertify blogger Ed Tittel on Friday (Dec. 30). Then we'll be taking Monday (Jan. 2) off for New Year's Day Observed (so to speak). After that, beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 3, we'll be right back to it.


So thanks again to everyone who visits this week (and to those who don't come 'round again until next year). It's been a wonderful and active 2016, and we look forward to continuing our mission to promote and support IT certification in the coming year. We hope to see you all again soon!

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