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Pay-for-Play: Is Professional Video Gaming a New IT Frontier?
March 28, 2017

Big money video game tournaments have been around for a while. But a new partnership involving both pro sports and e-sports could move gamers closer to the 9-to-5 realm.

Weighing the Shortcomings of Wearable Tech
August 22, 2016

Wearable tech is the self-driving car of personal devices. It holds great promise, and most people at least think they'd like to try it out. So why do new devices keep struggling to catch on?

The Next Pokemon GO Could Be Created by You
August 6, 2016

Have a bright idea for a great game? Nintendo has opened up its developer sandbox to make it easy, or at least less complicated than before, for people with bright ideas to get in on the action.

Tech Tip: Seeking Employment in the Silicon Slopes
July 16, 2016

Looking for work? The Silicon Slopes near Salt Lake City in Utah are a hotbed of IT employment. What do you need to know to settle into this emerging IT hub?

Hello Julia: New Data Science Programming Language Shows Promise Despite Flaws
June 18, 2016

There are still a few bugs in the system. But the new programming language Julia, primarily used for data science applications, holds great promise.

More Big Data Certifications to Prime Your Employment Pump
May 28, 2016

Big Data continues to be a strong source of IT employment opportunity. With the right certification, your Big Data employment profile will stand out from the crowd.

Three Big Data Certs that can Give Your IT Career a Spark
May 21, 2016

Businesses and organizations are neck-deep in data, and the bits (and bytes) just keep coming. Anyone who can master the data-sifting secrets of Spark holds the key to a red-hot employment market.

Taking What They're Gigging: IT, the Gig Economy and You
May 7, 2016

The so-called "gig economy" is changing the face of professional labor in 2016. Long-term relationships with a single employer are out, for many, while a brave new world of temporary work is the norm.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) a Red Hot IT Niche
April 16, 2016

Recent market research indicates that ERP is a hot tech skill to have in 2016. But what exactly is Enterprise Resource Planning, and how can it advance your IT career?

Four Top Certifications for Aspiring Cloud Computing Techs
April 2, 2016

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way IT works — and changing the IT employment marketplace. Get your head in the Cloud, and get started on a hot career path, with one of these four certifications.

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