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U.S. Jobs: Surprisingly Strong July Confounds Conventional Wisdom
August 5, 2022

It's taken some time, but the U.S. workforce has now completed a full recovery from the COVID crash. And that's not all of the good news from July's employment report.

The Increasing Integration of IT Certs and Micro-Credentials in Workforce Training
July 29, 2022

So-called "micro-credentials" developed by Google could lead the next big wave of workforce development.

Tight IT Job Market Leads to Degree Deflation
July 15, 2022

Maryland and Colorado lead a wave of states removing bachelor’s degree requirements from IT job postings. A tight labor market and the perceived value of IT certification is opening up opportunities.

U.S. Jobs: Still Growing Strong with June Numbers In
July 8, 2022

Despite fears of recession, a deep drop in global stock markets, booming inflation, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the U.S. employment continued to grow (372,000 jobs added) in June.

Microsoft Learn Gets a Complete Makeover
July 1, 2022

Microsoft has tuned up and retooled the Microsoft Learn website that serves as the online hub for the company's IT certification catalog. The result is a dynamite collection of free learning materials and certification information.

CompTIA Survey Assesses Local Government IT Operations
June 24, 2022

CompTIA's recently published survey of individuals involved in IT operations at the local government level (city and county) hints at desirable employment opportunities for certified IT professionals.

An Update on U.S. Federal Student Loan Forgiveness
June 17, 2022

President Biden still hasn’t formalized his plans for additional forgiveness of Federal Student Loans, promised "soon" back in April, 2022. Some of the gears, however, are already grinding.

Some Added Insight About CIO Insight's Seven Best Certs
June 10, 2022

A May article set forth by CIO Insight celebrates seven super certifications. Indeed, these seven sterling certs are deemed the seven best of 2022. Except that one of these things is not like the others ...

U.S. Jobs: Job Creation, Unemployment = Steady as She Goes
June 3, 2022

Unemployment remains low and the number of jobs added remains, well, solid. The U.S. economy hasn't bounced all the way back from the effects of COVID-19, but we're close.

Apple Offers New Pair of IT Certs, Along with Training
May 27, 2022

Apple has just launched a linked pair of IT certifications, with supporting prep guides and (free) training materials: Apple Device Support (introductory) and Apple Deployment and Management (more advanced).

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