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GoCertify Recaps College Football Season: What's the Play of the Year?
December 19, 2015

All season long, GoCertify has been tracking the best plays in college football. But which one was the most spectacular? Which one will we still remember at this time next year? You make the call.

Red Hat Certification Still Pursuing Performance-Based Path
December 7, 2015

Many, if not most, certification programs still use exams largely or wholly fueled by multiple-choice questions. Red Hat, however, has long marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Survey says: Certifications helping tech professionals gain career rewards
December 30, 2014

Testing titan Pearson VUE serves thousands of certification candiates each year. Earlier this year, they asked those folks to respond to some different questions.

ISACA Risk/Reward Barometer assesses attitudes about wearable tech, other IT security challenges
November 26, 2014

What's in your wallet? Or around your wrist? Or clipped to your belt? As the boom in wearable technology continues to make waves among consumers, businesses may be getting more risk than they bargained for.

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