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Expert Opinion: Should I Get Certified?
November 6, 2023

IT certification is not for everyone. And everyone's career path is unique. If you're interesting a long and flourishing IT career, however, then it probably probably makes sense for you to get a certification at some point.

Expert Opinion: Microsoft Opens Its Books ... and a Pandora's Box?
October 9, 2023

Microsoft has implemented a revolutionary new resource for anyone who takes its certification exams: access to Microsoft Learn during the exam.

Expert Opinion: How to Succeed When Taking a Certification Exam
September 11, 2023

Taking a certification exam is different for every individual. There are things that every exam candidate can do, on the other hand, to improve their odds of success.

Expert Opinion: Should AI Be Used to Develop IT Certification Exams?
July 17, 2023

Everyone is excited about the potential for AI to make life easier. Could AI assist the teams of humans in charge of creating IT certification exams?

New certification program addresses growing popularity of Drupal
July 2, 2014

Acquia, an open-source Drupal software provider, has a new certification program available to test developers' mettle.

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