Groundbreaking Non-profit Tech Bootcamp Operation Spark Expands to Atlanta Georgia

ATLANTA (Jan. 4, 2023) — A groundbreaking non-profit tech "boot camp," Operation Spark, is expanding to Atlanta, announced Chief Executive Officer John Fraboni. With nearly 300 graduates working in high-wage jobs at over 100 companies worldwide, Operation Spark has effectively changed the trajectory of workforce development for the software industry in Louisiana.

“Our success in Louisiana, a state with multiple economic and educational challenges, proves we have a successful, workable model that brings accessible, industry-level training in software development to opportunity youth and under-employed adults,” said CEO John Fraboni. “Operation Spark graduates enter high-wage employment with less than a year of immersive training.”

Operation Spark’s software training program begins with a free three-week intro to coding workshop called ‘Prep’. Students who complete Prep earn a Level 1 Industry Based Certification (IBC) and are able to gauge if coding is the right career for them, said Fraboni. Upcoming Prep workshops begin on January 30 and February 27. Interested candidates must participate in a virtual Information Session prior to enrollment; registration information is available to the Atlanta market now at:

By mid-2023, Operation Spark expects to have trained 60 Atlanta-area youth in the Fundamentals of JavaScript, Functional Programming, and Web Development, said Fraboni. “The individuals who continue until completing a Level 3 certification will, upon graduation, enter Operation Spark’s Job Hunt initiative. To date, Operation Spark has a nearly 100 percent success rate in launching high-wage software careers,” said Fraboni.

Operation Spark expects to be full-time in Atlanta by July 2023, adding its successful High School to High Wage program for youth enrolled in Atlanta area public high schools. This program includes professional development for teachers to help deliver software development classes in their schools.

Software technology is the nation’s fastest-growing career field, and computer coding skills are now required for the most in-demand jobs, said Fraboni. “Coding jobs are in everything from data and software engineering to web and video game development. These jobs can provide significant lifetime earnings, don’t require a college degree, and have an average starting salary of $67K.”

“After eight years in New Orleans and Louisiana, we have a proven non-profit model that helps disenfranchised individuals access high-wage career skills,” said Fraboni. “We have seen first-hand the amazing success of our graduates and we are now bringing that opportunity to Atlanta.”

About Operation Spark

Founded in 2014, Operation Spark opens a new door to prosperity by presenting the fastest route to a high-wage, high-demand career in software development. Operation Spark’s mission is to provide opportunities for upward mobility through skills learning and job placement in high-wage tech careers. The learning model circumvents the high cost and lengthy time associated with higher education, getting people to the workforce much faster. It’s workforce development 2.0.