ISACA Introduces New Database Audit Program

Schaumburg, Ill. (July 7, 2022) — A business' database is a favorite target  of malicious actors for its trove of valuable stored, processed and transmitted  data. It is critical for auditors and cybersecurity professionals to understand  the risk involved with enterprise databases and to consider high-level controls  to provide the necessary security. ISACA’s new educational resource, the Database Audit Program, offers guidance for assurance professionals concerning database  deployments through targeted, platform-specific audit testing, practical  guidance and native database management tool usage.

The Database Audit Program is designed  to prepare and upskill IT auditors and cybersecurity professionals with the appropriate  database knowledge to properly support this widespread technology. The program  provides auditors with an evaluation framework for addressing the effectiveness  of the implemented controls in order to enable enterprises to strengthen the confidentiality,  integrity and availability of their databases.

“With the prominence of databases in  today’s cybersecurity setting, it is crucial that all of the personal and  business data they store are secure,” says Robin Lyons, ISACA IT Audit Professional  Practices Principal. “ISACA’s new audit program demonstrates ISACA’s commitment  to providing IT auditors and cybersecurity professionals with relevant resources  to evaluate and improve security controls.”

The Database Audit Program is US$25 for  ISACA members and US$49 for nonmembers and can be accessed at

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