(ISC)2 and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Join Forces to Fight Cybercrime

Clearwater, Fla. (February 18, 2020) — (ISC)2, the world's largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD). As part of the partnership, the TMPD will adopt (ISC)2 credentials for selected members within law enforcement agencies throughout Japan and will provision official Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) training classes to offer its officers the highest quality cybersecurity training.


The increase in global cybercrime is leading law enforcement agencies to augment their traditional law enforcement tactics and toolsets to include cybersecurity expertise. By encouraging members of its agency to earn the CISSP, the TMPD is ensuring that its staff has the requisite skills to understand, investigate and prosecute cybercrime.


"It's become increasingly important that we arm our law enforcement and government agencies with the tools they need to keep us safe and secure in digital environments, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is taking steps to grow cybersecurity competencies within Japan," said Wesley Simpson, COO, Chief Operating Officer, (ISC)2. "The fact that an agency as prestigious as the TMPD selected the CISSP as its measuring stick for cybersecurity skills further validates the value and trust that our industry places in the certification.


"(ISC)2 certifications represent a standard of proficiency and excellence that we expect from our men and women fighting on the front lines of cybersecurity," said Matsushita Tokuya, Deputy Director of Cyber Security Control Task Force and Assistant Commissioner at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. "This partnership will help us access the best training available in the market so that we can better protect and serve the people of Tokyo."


To learn more about the CISSP certification, please visit https://www.isc2.org/Certifications/CISSP or contact Keiichiro Oguma at koguma@isc2.org. To view a video about the signing of the MOU between TMPD and (ISC)2, please visit: https://youtu.be/FdD4Dhxa_vo


About (ISC)2

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About the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department serves as the prefectural police department of Tokyo Metropolis. Founded in 1874, it is headed by a Superintendent-General, who is appointed by the National Public Safety Commission, and approved by the Prime Minister.