(ISC)2 Debuts Official Volunteer Program to Provide More Opportunities to Give Back to the Cybersecurity Community

Clearwater, Fla. (Jan. 31, 2022) - (ISC)2, the world's largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals, today announced the launch of a new Volunteer Program, providing members and non-members with opportunities to make an impact on a global and local scale. Integral to the (ISC)2 vision of Inspiring a Safe and Secure Cyber World, the Volunteer Program enables professionals to share insights that help influence smarter policy and standards around the world, make meaningful contributions that address industry challenges, such as the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap, educate communities on privacy and security threats, evolve industry qualification standards and certifications, lending expertise to the professional development of others, and more.


"(ISC)2 is built on the strengths of our members and their volunteer efforts, and we greatly appreciate the time they have dedicated to supporting key programs and services," said Tara Wisniewski, EVP of advocacy, global markets and member engagement. "The work of our volunteers helps us achieve our goals of advancing and diversifying the profession, supporting professionals and increasing cyber awareness. With this new program, we hope to inspire more individuals to channel their passion and expertise, give back to their communities, gain useful experience and inspire a safe and secure cyber world."


Becoming an (ISC)2 volunteer is a rewarding experience that offers opportunities to broaden perspectives and share responsibilities, in addition to giving back to the profession and local communities. Volunteers also have the opportunity to develop new skills—such as strategic thinking, change management and conflict resolution—gain a sense of self-accomplishment and self-confidence, and expand their network of cybersecurity professionals. Members and associates can earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits by contributing their time and participating in various professional volunteer activities.


The opportunities available through the (ISC)2 Volunteer Program are flexible and offer various degrees of commitment, from micro-volunteering to short- and long-term volunteering.


Members and non-members interested in becoming an (ISC)2 volunteer can opt-in to the volunteer pool by filling out the online form available here: www.isc2.org/volunteer/volunteer-interest. For more information on the (ISC)2 Volunteer Program visit: https://www.isc2.org/Volunteer


About (ISC)2

(ISC)2 is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, (ISC)2 offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, pragmatic approach to security. Our membership, more than 160,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry. Our vision is supported by our commitment to educate and reach the general public through our charitable foundation – The Center for Cyber Safety and Education. For more information on (ISC)2, visit www.isc2.org, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.