IT Fundamentals Pro introduces students to high-demand IT skills more effectively

Pleasant Grove, Utah (July 14, 2020) — In these uncertain times, many educators are seeking a more effective way to introduce students to valuable information technology skills that are in demand and pay high salaries.


TestOut Corporation is pleased to announce the July 2020 release of our expanded IT Fundamentals Pro courseware, with four times as much content and flexible enough to meet the needs of high school and college-level instructors.


IT Fundamentals Pro courseware is a comprehensive introductory course we've designed to excite and inspire students to embark on an exciting career journey in IT and technology. We've loaded the course with content that introduces foundational and emerging topics like cybersecurity, networking, AI, coding, bitcoin, IoT, and many other opportunities that will develop student's passion for pursuing an IT pathway.


We do this by giving students hands-on experience through our powerful lab simulations that provide real-world scenarios that deliver consistent results regardless if they're learning online or in traditional in-person settings.


We'll equip you for any situation without spending extra time and money setting up so many different kinds of labs.


"Many students have both the interest and aptitude to be successful in information technology careers. But they lack the confidence and technical knowledge to navigate IT career paths. We've designed TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro to help these students cross the chasm that stands between them and some of the most promising career opportunities." — Paul Miller, Ph.D., TestOut course developer and former instructor at Pitzer College


There's no need for textbooks or additional materials because we give you every resource you need to cover more content faster, and without the busywork. You can spend more time mentoring students and giving them personalized experiences that help them discover their potential and boost their confidence.


IT Fundamentals Pro comes with ADA compliant instructional videos, text lessons, labs, activities, and custom assessments that are auto-graded and give students instant remediation so they can learn faster. All of this can be implemented with your LMS.


Students can experience for themselves what it's like to secure a wireless network, set up a computer, create databases, and much more. Plus, it's packed with career videos that give insights from professionals in the field to help them find their ideal career.


"I like that it aligns to CompTIA ITF+ certification. You don't need to download or have anything special. It's great for teachers who can't afford a lot of equipment because it's internet based. Students get the same experience as if they had their own labs, and it saves our school money." — Lee Ann Pessoney, Cybersecurity teacher at Madison City Schools


We care about you and your student's success. That's why we've been dedicated to helping thousands of educators since 1992, bring students the kind of lessons that only experience can teach.


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