Linux Foundation Launches Cybersecurity Essentials

SAN FRANCISCO (April 5, 2023)Linux Foundation Training & Certification today launched Cybersecurity Essentials (LFC108) designed to teach every employee the must-know cybersecurity topics, terms and practices everyone needs to keep themselves, their employer and their data safe when using technology at home, on-the-road or in the office.

The course discusses security risks and precautions when using technology for personal and professional purposes including strategies to protect information during daily activities and transactions; prevent exposure to account and data compromises; and what to do if a data breach occurs. The course includes real-world scenarios highlighting personal and professional situations and the implications of unsafe practices.

The one-hour, self-paced, online course covers:

Importance of cybersecurity awareness
Ways to identify potential malware
Ways to recognize phishing schemes
How to reduce the risk of identity theft
How to prevent data exposure
Mobile device security
Social network safety
Using security tools to assist in protecting data

“We wanted to build something our members could use with all employees to help improve cybersecurity behavior across the board,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “After previewing the course we realized this is something that everyone needs.”

There are no prerequisites for this course, anyone can enroll immediately. The course is offered as a free service of the Linux Foundation. Learners that complete the course will receive a digital badge.

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