New Horizons Adds Professional Credentialing with Credly

TAMPA, Fla. (May 10, 2022) — In an increasingly complex digital environment, companies are seeking IT professionals who can prove that they have the skills to do the job. To that end, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, a leading global provider of cutting-edge IT training to corporate learners and administrators, has formed a new partnership with Credly, the global digital credentialing leader, to develop and deliver New Horizons badges and certificates through the Credly Acclaim platform.

For both organizations and learners, badges represent the successful completion of a program or course with a verifiable description of the specific knowledge, skills, and criteria required to earn the badge. Representing skills as a badge gives learners a way to share their abilities online in a way that is simple and trusted — can be easily verified in real time — and provides organizations with trustworthy validation that their employees are properly suited for jobs. Sharing can also be disabled for ‘restricted’ badges internal to the organization.

This exciting partnership will allow learners to share Credly badges and certificates to a range of networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, thus giving greater visibility to the employee and to the business.

“For organizations and for learners alike, keeping up with the demands of today’s complex and rapidly evolving IT workplace means a commitment to lifelong learning,” said Richard Keaveny, Chief Product Officer for New Horizons. “Among the many changes we’ve seen in our industry over the past 40 years is the need for our students to represent that they have been keeping up to date on the latest technologies. As companies move toward organizing around skills, not job titles, they need reliable ways to assure a learner’s skills.”

In the New Horizons’ badging program, students will earn a badge for each course that they successfully complete, and all courses will be stackable toward career pathways and career certificates. System analytics allow for recommended next steps for learners and customizable reporting helps leaders capture data on individual and company-wide performance.

Every credential includes skill tags, which are matched to real-time labor market data to provide badge earners with insights about how their skills apply in today’s job market. Millennials now make up almost 75% of the workforce. This demographic ranks learning and growth No. 1 at work and sees little value in any training that does not have a respected digital way to share their accomplishment. This new partnership offers learners the verifiable achievements they want to continue their learning journey.

For organizations, digital credentials not only act as the source of truth for skills-based hiring but also provide the means for professionals to advance in the workforce, without bias, through validated competencies. Organizations can make better hiring and professional development decisions based on trusted information about what people know and what people can do.

The New Horizons/Credly partnership takes training and digital credentialing to a whole new level, combining their expertise and reputation as pioneers in the learning industry to powerfully unleash the potential of the modern workforce.

About New Horizons

For 40 years, New Horizons has been empowering individuals and organizations worldwide through end-to-end learning solutions — from IT Training to Business Applications to Leadership Development. Through its longstanding, valued partner relationships, including Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, VMWare and AXELOS, New Horizons offers training and certifications in a variety of areas, including: Cybersecurity, Applications, Cloud Computing, Networking, Project & IT Service Management. With guaranteed-to-run classes on-line, in class, onsite or in the cloud, New Horizons enhances career development, closes skill gaps, and boosts effectiveness in the contemporary workplace.