New ISACA Guidance Spotlights Smart Data Defense

Schaumburg, Ill. (Aug. 2, 2022) — Protecting valuable data is crucial in an  increasingly digital world, but cyber defense systems continue to fall short due  to the dynamic and rapid manner of data creation. To help remedy enterprises’  antiquated approaches, ISACA’s new white paper outlines an improved path  forward through technical solutions and strategic approaches.

Understanding why data are such valuable  assets is critical when discussing security. If those data are not effectively  protected in a way that negates the data’s value for an attacker, then the  entire business value is at risk. Examples of the insights ISACA’s white paper  offers include:

  • Data loss  prevention
  • Compliance versus security
  • Privacy and  security alignment
  • Strategic approach  to problems

“Given the growing volume, value and varieties  of data that must be addressed to properly protect the information, it is  critical to prioritize digital trust—which is not without its challenges,” said  Jonathan Brandt, Director of Professional Practices and Innovation. “ISACA is providing  this resource to the digital trust community to help enterprises improve their defense  of data.”

To download a complimentary copy of the Defending  Data Smartly white paper, visit Additional resources from ISACA can be found at and    


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