Pluralsight and Degreed Partner to Deliver Enhanced Visibility Into Technology Upskilling Programs

SILICON SLOPES, Utah (Feb. 9, 2021) — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the technology workforce development company, announced that it has partnered with the learning experience and upskilling platform Degreed. Together, they'll deliver an integrated experience designed to help customers better measure and track technology-upskilling efforts within the Degreed experience. This partnership enables joint customers to implement strategic plans to improve their employee skill inventory.


Pluralsight and Degreed deliver solutions that help L&D leaders manage the necessary skills for organizations' largest and most important digital transformation projects by providing a way to assess existing tech skills and identify skill gaps. Historically, Pluralsight's leading technology content has been able to integrate into any Degreed deployment. The integrated content experience is now enhanced by incorporating assessment data from Pluralsight's Skill IQ into Degreed's skill analytics to give Pluralsight's enterprise customers enhanced visibility into individual and team technology skills.


As part of this new integration, available Skill IQs will appear on Degreed Skill cards, enabling managers to track skill level and compare it to existing job descriptions or career opportunities. The integration also includes new features for leaders to track skills. Additionally, leaders can use these management tools to direct users to take new Skill IQs inside the Pluralsight Skills experience.


"We are excited to partner with Degreed to help our joint customers better track and manage the skills within their organizations. This partnership gives learning and talent leaders greater visibility into their organizations' technology skills inventory, allowing them to better measure and understand employee skills, using our proven skill assessments," said Eric Alder, head of partnerships, Pluralsight.


"Pluralsight is an industry leader in technology skills development, helping many of our customers around the world to build technology skills they need to innovate. By integrating Skill IQ into the Degreed platform, our customers will have greater visibility into the cumulative abilities of their technology teams, empowering them to devise strategies to ensure that individual and team skill sets align with business objectives," said Rob Wellington, Director of Experience Partnerships, Degreed.


Degreed is the upskilling platform for one in three Fortune 50 companies, helping business leaders equip their workforces with the skills needed now and in the future through formal and informal learning, including articles, videos, podcasts, and on-the-job learning. Through Degreed, people leaders can see their team's current skills and learning, skill gaps, and goals. They can then link this to relevant learning and work opportunities that align with individual goals and business needs.


Pluralsight Skills helps technology teams at many of the world's biggest and most innovative companies develop the necessary technology skills to deliver on business-critical projects consistently. Learners on its platform can acquire today's most valuable technology skills through high-quality learning experiences offered by subject-matter experts. Through Skill IQ and Role IQ, real-time measurement and assessment of a learner's performance on Pluralsight's platform provide technology leaders with visibility into their teams' capabilities and confidence to deliver on critical objectives.


For more information about how Pluralsight Skills delivers the most effective path to developing technology skills, visit To learn more about how Degreed helps organizations drive business forward by driving people's skill development, visit


About Pluralsight

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. Trusted by forward-thinking companies of every size in every industry, Pluralsight helps individuals and businesses transform with technology. Pluralsight Skills helps enterprises build technology skills at scale with expert-authored courses on today's most important technologies, including cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and security, among others. Skills also includes tools to align skill development with business objectives, virtual instructor-led training, hands-on labs, skill assessments and one-of-a-kind analytics. Flow complements Skills by providing engineering teams with actionable data and visibility into workflow patterns to accelerate the delivery of products and services. For more information about Pluralsight (NASDAQ: PS), visit


About Degreed

Degreed is the workforce upskilling platform for one in three Fortune 50 companies. We integrate and curate all the resources people use to learn — including learning management systems and millions of courses, videos, articles, books, and podcasts. Then we use behavioral and data science to analyze everyone's skills, and to automatically personalize career development based on their jobs, strengths, and goals. Founded in 2012, Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with additional offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.