Raytheon Intelligence & Space to Award $30,000 in Cybersecurity Scholarships Through (ISC)2

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (March 21, 2022) — (ISC)2, the world's largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals, today announced that Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies Business, will provide $30,000 in cybersecurity scholarships this year.


The Raytheon Intelligence & Space Underrepresented Minorities in Cybersecurity Scholarship will award three $10,000 scholarships to individuals from historically underrepresented groups in cybersecurity. The deadline to submit an application is April 25, 2022.


The scholarship is part of a global effort to create more STEM educational opportunities for historically underrepresented communities and to foster a more diverse talent pipeline for future jobs.


"Cybersecurity threats continue to grow, and to meet these threats, we must bring our best thinking to the table. We do so by welcoming diverse talent that historically have not been connected to the cybersecurity industry," said Jon Check, executive director of cyber protection solutions, Raytheon Intelligence & Space. "The lack of diversity in STEM career fields is well documented as well as the business case for greater diversity, which leads to more creative brainstorming, problem solving, and new ideas – things that are essential for fighting cyberattacks. We are proud to be partnering with (ISC)2 to further the diversity of our industry."


"In order to build stronger cybersecurity teams, the industry must become more inclusive," said Tara Wisniewski, EVP, Advocacy, Global Markets and Member Engagement, (ISC)2. "With our scholarship opportunities, (ISC)2 hopes to create more opportunities for individuals who are historically underrepresented in cybersecurity and improve cybersecurity defenses across the globe by bringing diverse perspectives into the profession."


Administered by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education—the (ISC)2 charitable foundation—three students studying cybersecurity, information security or a similar field will receive a $10,000 scholarship to be used for tuition and/or fees. Applications will be evaluated based on passion, merit and financial need.


More information on the Raytheon Intelligence & Space Underrepresented Minorities in Cybersecurity Scholarship, including eligibility and application details, is available at: https://www.iamcybersafe.org/s/raytheon-cyber-security-scholarship


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About Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Raytheon Intelligence & Space delivers the disruptive technologies our customers need to succeed in any domain, against any challenge. A developer of advanced sensors, cyber services and software solutions, Raytheon Intelligence & Space provides a decisive advantage to civil, military and commercial customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the business generated $15.2 billion in annual revenue in 2021 and has 34,500 employees worldwide. Raytheon Intelligence & Space is one of four businesses that form Raytheon Technologies Corporation.