Technology Businesses Turn to CompTIA ISAO for Critical Threat Intelligence

Downers Grove, Ill. (Aug 5, 2020) — Technology solution providers, managed services providers (MSPs) and other organizations searching for critical cybersecurity threat intelligence have a new resource available from CompTIA.


The nonprofit association for the global information technology (IT) industry today launched the CompTIA ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organization) to serve as the focal point for dealing with cyber-threats to technology vendors, MSPs, solution providers, integrators, distributors, and business technology consultants.


"We are in a time of unprecedented and malicious hacking activity, much of which is targeted specifically at technology product, service and solution companies," said MJ Shoer, executive director of the CompTIA ISAO. "Many of these companies had no other option but to go it alone in defending against these threats.


"We intend to change the cybersecurity landscape by bringing together the know-how and power of the industry to deliver timely, relevant, actionable threat intelligence that companies can use to protect themselves and more importantly, keep their customers safe and secure."


The CompTIA ISAO evolved from the TSP-ISAO established in August 2019 by technology entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Arnie Bellini in conjunction with ConnectWise, the leading business automation software company he co-founded. Management and operations of the TSP-ISAO were transferred earlier this year to CompTIA, a vendor-neutral, member-led trade association.


Bellini Capital, ConnectWise, Dark Cubed, Sophos, and Axcient and were announced as industry partners of the CompTIA ISAO today.


A dedicated group of cybersecurity subject matter experts from ADT, Alvaka Networks, Atlas Cybersecurity, Cyjax, Skout Cybersecurity, SolarWinds, Triada Networks, Verizon and WeaponEyes are also working with the CompTIA ISAO.


Additionally, innovative partnerships have been forged with the Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) and TruSTAR to build out the threat intelligence feed and custom reporting that will serve as the backbone of the CompTIA ISAO. This ensures that members will receive critical, targeted, real-time information in a way that's easy to understand and act upon.


"Raising the cybersecurity resilience of the industry is important for everyone," Shoer explained. "This is how, together, we will fight back against this existential threat and do the right thing for our industry and the global economy."


The CompTIA ISAO is dedicated to advancing the cybersecurity resiliency of the global technology industry. It is a resource where organizations in the business of technology can share real-time threat intelligence, analysis of potential impacts, coordinated countermeasure response efforts, cybersecurity best-practice adoption, and workforce education.


In addition to the latest cybersecurity intelligence data, all CompTIA ISAO members will receive full access to CompTIA corporate member benefits, including all the resources, communities and tools designed to help a technology busines thrive.


For complete details on the CompTIA ISAO and the benefits of membership visit


About the CompTIA ISAO

The mission of the CompTIA ISAO is to advance the cybersecurity resiliency of the global tech industry. The CompTIA ISAO is intended to serve as the focal point for dealing with all cyber-threats to technology vendors, MSPs, solution providers, integrators, distributors, and business technology consultants.