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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 14)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cisco is giving away certification training (and exam vouchers), Certification Magazine talks web design and development careers, and more.

Cisco Learning Network Gives Away Training, Exam Vouchers


Excited guy fist pump looking at cell phone beardWe're a little late to the party with this particular news item, but there's still time to take action and get in on the offer, so we'll share anyway. Networking giant Cisco overhauled its certification program at the end of February and spiffed up its Cisco Learning Network training and certification site around the same time. Apparently with the aim of helping to publicize its new certification regime, Cicso Learning Network is holding two simultaneous certification training and testing giveaways. If you're on track to study for and pass the new Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Enterprise exam, then you could be one of five lucky winners to both complete a training course and take the exam on Cisco's dime. (Each prize package has a value of approximately $1400.) A giveaway with identical parameters is being held for the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (CCDA) credential. Both training and exam voucher giveaways will remain open through 12:00 a.m. on April 24, after which point five winners will be selected for each giveaway. The clock is ticking, in other words — it's already April 8 — but there's still plenty of time get your name in the hat.


Get College Credit for Your IBM Digital Badges


The last few years have seen a lot of nibbling around the edges with digital badging, which was initially viewed primarily as a means of replacing ink-and-paper certifications with something that could be displayed, shared, and catalogued online. In recent years, however, digital badging had become a vehicle for breaking up IT certifications into small, easily digestible chunks. The idea is for learners to have the freedom to pick and choose areas of knowledge acquisition and validation without having to commit to an entire certification. IBM may have hit on the next digital badging bright idea by forging an accord with Northeastern University in Boston to marry its digital badges with master's degree programs in analytics and project management. The collaboration has been described in a recent journal article in New Directions for Community Colleges. If you've been following the evolution of the digital badging world, then this is an intriguing new direction.


What Your Coworkers Are Seeing On Your Webcam


We're several weeks into what could end up being a monthslong work-from-home digression from the established culture of doing work in office buildings. For many workers, the closest thing they now have to direct interaction with coworkers is daily or weekly meetings where everyone grins into a webcam and tries to hide or obscure the fact that they're still wearing pajamas. A new post to the blog of tech industry association CompTIA highlights an interest aspect of this new standard for workplace collaboration: Blogger Emily Matzelle points out that, even when your microphone is muted, your coworkers are picking up signals from your posture, expressions, and so forth. Matzelle conducts an brief Q&A with body language expert Angela Podolsky, who walks through how team members can improve or refine their participation in remote meetings. Podolsky will present a keynote address on the topic at a free virtual seminar hosted by the CompTIA Canadian Business Technology Community on April 30. So if you're intrigued by the Q&A, then there's already an upcoming opportunity to learn more.


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