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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 17)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA opens registration for ChannelCon Online, a guest ISACA blogger offers advice for IT pros confronting unemployment, and more.

Registration Available for CompTIA ChannelCon Online


ChannelCon Online is the whole ChannelCon enchilada in 2020.ChannelCon, the annual networking and promotional gathering hosted by tech industry association CompTIA, is still more than three months away. As of Tuesday, however, "IT industry thought leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries" can register to attend the virtual event, to be held Aug. 4-6. In past years, ChannelCon Online has run concurrently with the main event — in 2019, the online event originated from Las Vegas, where the larger ChannelCon was in full swing — but in 2020, ChannelCon Online is the whole enchilada. With COVID-19 pandemic precautions delaying or canceling many live-and-in-person events, CompTIA will not be holding a physical ChannelCon in 2020. As noted by Kelly Ricker, CompTIA executive vice president for events and education, in a media release announcing the kickoff of ChannelCon registration, challenging times often bring out extraordinary responses. "While we’ll miss the camaraderie that’s become so much a part of the ChannelCon in-person experience, the entire CompTIA team is extremely excited about the opportunity to reach new audiences and offer attendees new and unique ways to connect with each other," Ricker said.


CompTIA Releases Overhauled CySA+ Certification


Speaking of CompTIA, it's been a little more than three years since the Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) credential was added to the organization's widely popular certification program. Right on schedule, the transition from the inaugural CySA+ exam, CS0-001, to the first revised and overhauled version, CS0-001, was announced last week. Like many IT industry certifications, CompTIA credentials are on a three-year refresh cycle. This allows subject matter experts to keep the certification material in step with advancing technology and other new developments. A brand new post to the CompTIA Blog outlines changes to the CySA+ exam and walks through other questions that are certain to be relevant as the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new dynamic unfolds. As noted by blogger Jen Blackwell, CySA+ was added to CompTIA's growing portfolio of cybersecurity certs to help IT industry professionals prepare for such job roles as cybersecurity analyst, threat intelligence analyst, application security analyst, incident response or handler, threat hunter, and compliance analyst.


So You Want to Be a Computer Scientist


Who among us hasn't wished for a moment when we could blow someone over backwards with the smooth assurance of Bill Murray's casual put-down to John Rothman, "Back off man, I'm a scientist," in Ghostbusters? The IT industry offers numerous opportunities for both scientific inquiry and research and development, so if you'd like to be a scientist and you already have a strong interest in IT, then computer science is a strong career possibility. A new article at, the official website of Certification Magazine, dares to dream about the employment qualifications and job prospects for computer scientists. Bear in mind, before you get too excited, that an advanced university degree — a master's degree at minimum — is probably your most important qualificiation. If you're ready for a long haul in terms of preparation, however, then there are some good tips here.


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