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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 18)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA is deploying a new privacy protection certification, Dice takes a tour of cloud certifications offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more.

ISACA Launches New Certification for Privacy Management


ISACA is launching a new certification for privacy compliance specialists.Countries around the world are passing new laws that set forth various guidelines regarding privacy protection and data management. Even some individual U.S. states are passing privacy laws. What's a mere corporation to do in order to keep from violating six different privacy statutes before lunchtime? One thing that fearful organiztions could do — perhaps not quite yet, but soon — is hire a privacy management professional certified by cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA. While everyone else kicked off the week by celebrating Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo, ISACA on Monday announced the launch of a new certification for privacy professionals: Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE). As described in an ISACA media release, CDPSE "offers a natural progression for IT professionals who are tasked with designing, implementing and managing the technology that stores, collects and transports PII, as well as ensuring that privacy is considered in the design." A global groundswell trumpeting the importance of onsumer privacy protection has been growing for decades. It likely won't be long before every business is scrambling to hire privacy compliance professionals.


CompTIA Touts Live Online Certification Training


Just about every form of learning and education that people engage in right now is somewhere in the throes of transitioning to remote delivery via online learning platforms. That includes certification study and training programs. For some organizations, the whole ballgame has been online for years, while others are making a new and sometimes rocky transition. Tech industry association CompTIA, which manages some of the most popular IT certifications in the industry, has been touting its online CertMaster training tools for several years now. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting more traditional methods of learning, CompTIA is eager to have CertMaster become the study platform of choice for CompTIA certification candidates. To that end, a brand new post to the CompTIA Blog gives a detailed overview of CertMaster to help certification candidates know what to expect should they choose to embrace online study and training. CertMaster is currently only available to those seeking training for CompTIA's "Big Three" certs — A+, Network+, and Security+ — but it seems likely that CompTIA is actively working to broaden the scope of its CertMaster offerings.


New Certification Magazine Profile Features IT Transplant from Ghana


All of us here at GoCertify are big fans of the many individuals who see IT certification as a path to IT knowledge or career enrichment. One of our favorite bits of regular business conducted by the team at Certification Magazine is the profile pieces that dive into the personal certification journey of this or that budding IT professional. The latest of these features relates the struggles and triumphs of a young man from Ghana, one Ibrahim Sackey, who moved to Cleveland, Ohio, a few years back in pursuit of an IT education. Sackey's unique background includes teaching himself electrical and computer repair skills (leading to the formation a successful neighborhood business) and operating a small community lending library to encourage others to read. Since arriving in the United States, he has pursued IT education vigorously while piling up IT certifications.


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