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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 21)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Training Industry has ideas to help you maximize your certification preparation, CompTIA says job hunting doesn't have to be complicated, and more.

Training Industry Emphasizes Importance of Certification Preparation


Training Industry has some tips to help you improve your certification preparation.There are some IT professionals who are smart enough to get a certification more or less at the drop of a hat. Their preparation essentially consists of continuous on-the-job learning, and certification is more about verifying existing (and evolving) knowledge and skills than about gaining new knowledge and adding new skills. More power to anyone who has the wherewithal to pick a testing center, set a date, sit for the exam, and walk out certified (yes, it's generally a little bit more complicated than that). Many exam candidates, on the other hand, need time to prepare before just, you know, stepping up to the plate and knocking one over the fence. A new post to the IT and Technical Training blog of professional development facilitator Training Industry offers some excellent recommendations for anyone wondering how to lock in a successful certification outcome through study and training. For example, blogger Jim Zimmerman leads off with the largely unassailable point that different individuals learn differently and suggests using more than just one study method to prepare. There's lots of good advice here for anyone contemplating certification who wants to increase the level of their preparation.


Is Drone Technology About to Really Take Off?


Futurists and technology geeks have been driving a conversation about driverless vehicles for several years now. Among those who find this vision of the future especially appealing are companies like Uber and Lyft that could potentially send profit-margins soaring by taking human drivers out of the equation. But what if there were a way to get from point to point even faster? Something like, say, flying. Even technologist Nathan Kimpel, who wrote about drone technology in an article posted earlier this week to, the official website of Certification Magazine, admits that the notion of using drones to transport people is far-fetched. On the other hand, as Kimpel's article also makes clear, there was a time not very long ago at all when the notion of using drones to deliver packages (still not a thing, incidentally) was also considered to be a crazy, far-out fever dream. Drones may not (yet) be dropping packages on your doorstep, but there are plenty of areas where people have already found more things for them to do than just hover high above family gatherings at the city park. It's fun to scroll through Kimpel's thoughts about what drones are already doing, and where technology might find uses for them next.


ISACA Bloggers Call for Mentors to Help Women Join the Cybersecurity Workforce


Across most sectors of the IT industry, there are fewer female than male workers, but the yawning disparity is especially pronounced in the cybersecurity realm. Women already account for 46.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce, for example, but technology has lagged far behind other industries in building up total participation from female workers. A new post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA suggests that one solution to the problem is for more individuals, both men and women, to become involved as professional mentors to women who have an interest in cybersecurity. Guest blogger Goh Ser Yoong discusses his own experience helping women cross over into the historically male-dominated cybersecurity niche. If you have an interest, for whatever reason, in boosting gender diversity across the IT industry, then you may be interested in hunting out opportunities for the same sort of volunteer work in your neck of the woods.


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