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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 23)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA spotlights 10 emerging technologies, Certification Magazine lets you see how the sausage gets made (so to speak), and more.

CompTIA Toasts Ongoing 'Emergence' of AI, 5g, IoT, and More


A toast to emerging technologies!You'd think that if any technology could be said to be emerging with a vengeance in the pandemic-stymied economy of 2020, it would be videoconferencing, or telecommuting. OK, those are probably relatively small subsets of larger "technologies," so perhaps we can give tech industry association CompTIA a pass for overlooking the year's truly booming tech trends in favor of coronating (again) the old standby nominees that get mentioned every time someone wants to ring your bell about hot new advances in IT. A brand new post to the CompTIA Blog lists 10 "emerging" technologies that are gaining ground (picking up steam, catching the interest of technologists, moving toward widespread adoption, etc.) in 2020. There are so many of the usual suspects in this list — AI, 5G, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, robotics, quantum computing — that you'll be looking over your shoulder for Keyser Soze. Honestly, "natural language processing" (itself a subset of artificial intelligence) stands out simply because it doesn't pop up every time that anyone, anywhere turns to this topic. Still, it's always interesting to skim these articles for new developments. What the heck: Go ahead and click on over.


CBTNuggets Highlights Resources for DevOps Seekers


DevOps, it would seem, is the buzzword of the week here at GoCertify. On Monday we posted a sort of "DevOps for Dummies" guide for anyone thinking about getting started in the field. Now we'd like to call your attention to a new post to the official blog of IT training provider CBTNuggets. What you'll find under the heading "This Week: Getting Into DevOps" is a recap of three longer posts from earlier in the week where the CBTNuggest team dives deep into DevOps to help encourage those who are interested in exploring the crossroads between (software) development and (IT) operations. If you happen to have been peering up at the night sky and asking for a sign from the universe about your budding interest in DevOps, then this is your lucky week.


Cisco Learning Network: A Farewell to Cisco Live


With pandemic turmoil everywhere you turn, an unprecedented unemployment crisis (unprecedented, that is, at least as far back as the Great Depression), and widespread protests over the past, present, and future of blacks in America, there are bigger things than IT on the minds of many people right now. A new post to the VIP Perspectives blog at Cisco Learning Network acknowledges the complexities of the present moment in addressing Cisco's decision to cancel the annual Cisco Live conference. Blogger Micheline Murphy pretty abruptly brushes aside the lost opportunity of Cisco Live (which was already slated to be a strictly virtual gathering) to address the far more consequential matters hanging in the air. As a women in a profession dominated by men, she feels the pain of Black Lives Matter protesters perhaps more acutely than many sympathizers can, and she has some welcome thoughts to share about how we can all rise to the demands of this unusual historic interlude. If you're feeling confused or isolated — or even if you aren't — then it's a good idea to take some time to read and think about what she has to say.


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