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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 26)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, (ISC)² announces a change of plans (and venue) for Security Congress, Microsoft offers a tour of its Azure certifications, and more.

(ISC)² Goes Virtual with Security Congress 2020


(ISC)²'s Security Congress event is going virtual this year.In the spirt of the times, (ISC)² is changing its plans. After announcing in early March that the 10th annual Security Congress gathering would be held Nov. 16-18 in Orlando, Fla., the cybersecurity professional association has finally caved to the cold reality of the newly surging COVID-19 pandemic. As of Tuesday, Security Congress 2020 will happen online. The schedule hasn't changed: the Nov. 16-18 timeline is still in place. Instead of packing thousands of people into a hotel in Orlando, however, all proceedings of the conference will now happen online. As a bonus to those who have not yet registered to attend, there will be an "early bird" all-access rate of just $295 available to (ISC)² members and associates. Not only that, but the early bird rate will remain available until Sept. 30. Security Congress 2020 will feature more than 40 sessions, conducted by presenters from around the world. (ISC)² COO Wesley Simpson said a press release announcing the change that the shift to a virtual setting will make Security Congress more accessible than ever. "As a virtual event, Security Congress will bring the global cybersecurity community together as we close out one of the most challenging years our profession has ever faced," Simpson said.


CompTIA: Low-Code Development Spurs Job Growth


The push to create low-code and no-code development tools is an emerging trend with the potential to unleash a tidal wave of new software. A new post this week to the blog of tech industry association CompTIA suggest that progress in the low-code area could also create a welcome influx of new tech jobs. The thinking, as expressed by Seth Robinson, CompTIA's senior director of technology analysis, goes something like this: Greater availability of software and apps will create a rise in demand for software and apps. This will naturally spur the hiring of developers, as companies rush to increase supply, but the rising tide of software and app development will lift a lot of other IT employment boats. There will be a ripple of demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, to protect the fleet of new apps. Networking and server specialists will be hired to manage new infrastructure. And so on, and so forth. If you're just picking up the whistle of the low-code and no-code express, then here's another reason to get excited for train to come rolling on down the track.


Certification Magazine is Gonna Make You Sweat


The tech-focused Salary Survey conducted each year by the survey crew at Certification Magazine is fairly serious business. The overaching goal of the survey, of course, is to suss out, to the fullest extent possible, the inexact link between holding a particular IT certification and being paid a certain level of salary. There are a number of ancillary goals, however, and more or less stuck at the bottom of the list is to gather data about a number of nonstandard survey topics from a series of optional questions at the end of the survey. Some of these questions are fairly off-the-wall, but others actually contribute, in some way, to the overall picture of certified IT professionals that emerges from the survey each year. Case in a point is a question about exercise habits (coupled with a question about listening preferences), data from which was recently reported at So if you've ever wondered how much time your fellow IT professionals like to spend buffing up, well, now there's some data about that.


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