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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 27)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine launches a new certification survey, Red Hat stakes a claim to supercomputer bragging rights, and more.

Certification Magazine Fires Up Cloud Computing Survey


Certification Magazine has a new survey up and running.Cloud computing technology is booming, expanding both its reach and applicability. It's a great time for IT professionals to have or acquire various cloud-related skill sets. Indeed, certifications attached to leading cloud technology providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM can get immediate attention from employers. If you have certified cloud skills, then the survey team at Certification Magazine would like to have a few minutes of your time. In advance of their fourth quarterly issue of 2020, the CertMag squad has deployed an all-new survey, the Cloud Computing Certification Survey, to gather information about the current state of cloud computing certification. Per the norm with the magazine's certification surveys, of which there are three each year, taking up space on the calendar between the annual hubbub of the more all-encompassing Salary Survey, this newest survey has about 40 questions (giving a particular answer in a couple of spots will skip you past follow-up questions) and takes an estimated 13 minutes to complete. Also per the norm, there are rewards available to anyone who chooses to participate. The survey will be open through Aug. 28.


CompTIA Exec Trumpets Tech Worker Creativity


Most people probably don't immediately think of tech professionals when the word "creativity" is mentioned — we're too accustomed to thinking of creativity in the sense of artistic creativity: writing a book, painting a picture, sculpting something out of clay or bronze, fiddling around the edges of a classical piano sonata, and so forth. Information technology, of course, offers plenty of outlets for creative thinking and creative expression. Not only does IT incorporate creative thinking, however, but creative thinking applied to IT problems and challenges is vital to corporate success. That's what CompTIA executive James Stanger thinks, anyway. Stanger, the tech industry association's "chief technology evangelist" shared his thoughts in a recent post to the CompTIA blog. It's a worthwhile reminder for anyone who needs to be reminded that thinking outside the box is often essential to progress and evolution, even in a realm where the box is made out of clear and precisely delineated logic and rules.


ISACA's CSX-P Certification Essential to Success in IT Auditing


Sometimes it's what you do outside your established area of expertise that counts most in retaining employment. Everyone has skills they've mastered or areas of knowledge in which they excel, and that's generally what gets you in the door with a potential employer. One of the things that determines whether/how long you stick around is what you bring to the table that's beyond what's expected of you. A new post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA provides an interesting illustration. Guest blogger Toan Do, a senior consultant for technology and audit compliance in the health insurance realm, talks about becoming established as an IT auditor, then pivots to explaining how expanding his knowledge into a new sector — cybersecurity — by getting ISACA's CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSX-P) credential paid professional dividends. It's worth taking a moment to click over and dig into his experience. Expanding the scope of your professional knowledge and abilities is never a bad thing.


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