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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 44)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine ponders the shortfall of skilled cloud computing professionals, CompTIA touts the beauty of IT project management, and more.

Wanted: Your Cloud Computing Skills


Where are all of the trained cloud computing professionals?Cloud computing is becoming the uber-technology of the information technology realm, reaching out to sweep all computing functions and processes into its embrace. This is only a problem in the sense that if we use cloud technology for everything, then we necessarily have to find more people who understand and can build, deploy, and operate cloud technology. Cloud computing is still relatively new, however, which means in part that the supply of skilled cloud professionals is lacking. An article from the recent October issue of Certification Magazine ponders this troubling shortfall and examines what businesses and institutions can do to rapidly scale up this important workforce sector. Much of the education and training burden will fall to colleges and universities, but cloud technology providers with certifications programs, such as Microsoft (which offers Azure) and Amazon (the leader of the cloud computing pack thanks to Amazon Web Services), are already playing an important role. If you're looking to shift from elsewhere in the IT industry and join the cloud computing revolution, then embarking on a certification path is a strong option.


Does Google or Apple Pay More for Software Engineering Skills?


Talented software engineers are the lifeblood of companies that develop and deploy technology products, and few companies are better known for their massive investments in technology development (and deployment) than Google and Apple. Thanks to some interesting research by employment facilitator Dice, there's new information available about how handsomely both companies compensate their software engineers. Apparently you can make a pile of money at either company, though the salary scale at Google may enrich you a little bit more quickly over time. If you've got a strong software engineering skill set, then you're likely to be intrigued by the comparison.


ISACA: Do Your Firefighting Before There Are Flames


There's a long-lived principle of general operations that applies well to a lot of situations, but is particularly impactful in the information security realm. The most common expression is probably this one: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A new post to the ISACA Now blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA uses the metaphor of fire to illustrate the same idea with respect to privacy protection. Guest blogger Kelly Hood of Optic Cyber Solutions asserts that it's easier, less expensive, and more effective to address privacy protection issues before they become a problem. Instead of rushing from fire to fire all day long with a hose, Hood recommends taking the time to put precautions and protections in place before there's a breach. This thinking applies across the cybersecurity spectrum, and is a good general rule in most areas of life, but it's always good to be reminded that disasters are much less costly and complicated when averted instead of remediated.


Project Management Is a Beautiful Thing


Good project management is like when a plan comes together.Anyone who has ever seen the '80s TV action show The A-Team (or, to a lesser extent, its bombastic 2011 cinematic remake, probably remembers that team leader Hannibal always loves it when a plan comes together. Really, that's project management in a nutshell: There's a leader who makes a plan, and then gets his (or her) team members to carry it out, making sure that all of the correct boxes get checked along the way. Sure, providing "deliverables" is not nearly as cool in theory (or in practice) as blowing up bad guys, but the essence of what's being accomplished is actually quite similar. There's a strong project management presence in the IT realm, and celebrating a job (or many jobs) well done is indeed one of the many rewards of becoming an IT project manager. A recent post to the official blog of tech industry association CompTIA celebrates IT project management and provides some advice for people who are considering project management as a career. CompTIA has a certification for that, it just so happens, so if you like the sound of what you've already read here, or of what you're going to read there, then Project+ certification is an excellent place to get started.


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