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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 14

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA profiles the forthcoming upgrade of its PenTest+ credential, Certification Magazine explains deomcratization, and more.

CompTIA Previews PenTest+ Overhaul


A new version of CompTIA's PenTest+ certification will be released in October.Cybersecurity is a red-hot hiring buzzword across the IT sphere. And there's probably never been more interest from employers in the related fields of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Which means it's a great time to add cybersecurity skills to your professional IT toolset. All of this is to introduce the fact that tech industry association CompTIA is finalizing its overhaul of the popular PenTest+ penetration testing certification, with the new credential and exam set to be released in October. With that timeline in mind, CompTIA Director of Products Patrick Lane has a new post up at the official CompTIA blog to draw up a side-by-side comparison between the old and new versions of PenTest+. If you are already PenTest+-certified, then this is a great chance to get a sense of what's changed in the field since PenTest+ made its debut in July 2018. If you don't already have PenTest+ in your back pocket, but you think it might be a fine addition to your IT résumé, then this is an excellent opportunity to find out what the credential has to offer.


Remote Work Teams Need Effective Cybersecurity Management


One of the many factors that's been driving interest in cybersecurity skills is the COVID-19-spurred switchover, recently undergone by many businesses, from employees working together under one roof to employees spread out across a wide geographic area in different residences, using different computers and different internet access tools to get their jobs done. The average IT operations director probably gets a headache just thinking about it. The problems are manageable, however, as outlined in a new post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance professional association ISACA. Guest blogger Thomas Tyler outlines the key areas of focus for IT management teams to consider, before exploring what next steps every organization must take to secure its remote work teams. One key step to consider, for example, is end-user training. It's often observed that humans are the weakest link in any information security system, and ensuring that every employee is contributing to the security of the entire organization is critical.


IBM Expands the Reach of Its Cloud Training Subscriptions


If you're an IBM Cloud training subscriber, then your life just got a little bit richer. At the end of March, IBM Cloud announced in a post to the IBM Training and Skills Blog that subscribers will now have access to training for all roles and proficiency levels. As noted in the blog post announcing the switch, role-based learning subscriptions help IBM Cloud professionals train to achieve certification as cloud architects, cloud developers, and site reliability engineers. The IBM certification program is one of the larger and better established programs in the industry, so this announcement could have a big impact for both new and existing IBM Cloud training subscribers.


When Technology Improves, More People Can Learn About Technology


Democratization is sweeping through the IT world."Democratization" is a 50-cent word for a fairly simple concept. Once upon a time, for example, printed material meant books and documents printed by hand — not by a machine. Every document and compilation of documents arose out of hours and days and weeks and months of tireless repetitive labor. Then pioneering printer Johannes Gutenberg ushered in a new age of machine printing that rapidly expanded access to the printed word and, by extension, to knowledge itself. In essence, when a new and better technology makes it easier to transmit and transfer knowledge, more people gain access to that knowledge. There's a similar revolution occurring right now, as advances in information technology (IT) are democratizing previously arcane realms of learning and information. An engaging article by Emmett Dulaney from the January issue of Certification Magazine tackles the topic and can now be read online at, the official website of Certification Magazine.


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