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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 17

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft has a question for its certification holders, CompTIA is preparing a new version of its Server+ certification exam, and more.

Microsoft to Cert Holders: Are You #ProudToBeCertified?


Are you #ProudToBeCertified?The Microsoft certification program is one of the longest-lived in the entire IT certification industry. Broadly speaking, there have probably been Microsoft Certified Professionals for as long as there have been certified IT professionals of any stripe. Now the Microsoft Learn team is off and running with a new marketing campaign to celebrate the literal faces of its certification program. Microsoft recently reached out to certification holders to encourage them to share their personal experiences with earning a Microsoft certification, as well as the impact on their careers of taking that step. Karina Ung, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Training and Certification at Microsoft, who writes about the #ProudToBeCertified push in a new post to the Microsoft Learn Blog, notes that certification can be a great investment in individual success and career devekionent. In Ung's words, certification "increases confidence, income, professional credibility, and happiness." The initial release of videos and stories from Microsoft Certified Professionals provides some cool reflections on the certification experience, and the next wave of stories could include your own. The #ProudToBeCertified program is ongoing, and Ung anticipates that many more individuals will share their certification journeys moving forward.


IBM Think Conference Includes Certification Opportunities


Like a great many IT-centered conferences and gatherings this year, the IBM Think 2021 conference will be held virtually. The kickoff of the conference, which will be held May 11 and 12, is just around the corner. There's no need to freak out if you aren't registered, however — it's virtual. You don't need to make hotel reservations, or arrange travel by air or vehicle. Strictly speaking, you probably don't even need to register until May 9 or 10. Anyone who has an IBM certification or is in the process of earning and IBM certification will probably be interested to learn that a number of training and skills experts will be participating. There are also certification-and-training-focused sessions, and there's even an opportunity to save on the cost of your next IBM certification exam. Check out this post to the IBM Training and Skills Blog for full details.


CompTIA Previews Server+ Overhaul


As workplaces all over the world shifted from a familiar in-person arrangement to a less readily recognizable work-from-home configuration during the past year, a lot of computer hardware and software was required to accommodate all of the changes. Some of that IT infrastructure was no doubt already in place, but much of it, particularly at the server level, likely had to be upgraded or purchased and configured from scratch. Servers, high-end computers the manage networks of individual devices, are the focus of the respected and long-lived Server+ certification offered by tech industry association CompTIA. CompTIA is in the final stages of upgrading the current version of that credential, with the expanded and refreshed Server+ set to makes its debut on May 18. A new post to the official CompTIA blog this week, gives a timely overview of the changes that are in the works and lays out exactly what current credential holders and future Server+ certification candidates can expect to find on the new exam.


New Certification Magazine Survey Available


Do you have a Linux certification? Please take the Linux Certification Survey!No, it's not the Big One. The annual Salary Survey is coming, but the actual launch date for that one doesn't roll around until mid-to-late August. What's available right now is one of the smaller, more focused surveys that pop up throughout the year. There was a cybersecurity-focused certification survey earlier this calendar year, but the hot topic of the current survey is the icy-cold cool of Linux, everyone's favorite open source operating system. The Linux Certification Survey will be available throught the first Friday in June, so if you have a Linux certification, then you should head over and share your thoughts. Detailed results of each successive survey are posted throughout the year at, the official Certification Magazine website, and key results of the Linux survey will be published in the forthcoming Summer Edition of the magazine in July.


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