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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 21

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, testing provider Pearson VUE trumpets the value of IT certifications, Microsoft says getting certified provides a big boost from the get-go, and more.

Pearson VUE Celebrates Value of IT Certification


Pearson VUE has something to say about the value of IT certification.Pearson VUE is an education and testing company, but when it comes to the IT certification and training landscape, that's kind of like saying that WalMart is a store. It's technically accurate, but vastly understates the true scope and scale of Pearson VUE's dominance in that particular market niche. It's also true that, while Pearson VUE is a big company, with a lot of products, IT certification accounts for a not inconsiderable slice of its test delivery activities and revenues. So it makes more or less rock solid business sense for Pearson VUE to conduct a survey of its IT certification customers that tends to support the basic premise that IT certification has value. Philosophers sometimes refer to that as being a "No (Poop), Sherlock" Propsition. Unsurprisingly, Pearson VUE conducts a Value of IT Certification survey every other year or so. The results of the latest Value of IT Certification survey are now available and, also unsurprisingly, it would appear that certification is as valuable as ever. For example, Pearson VUE reports that 91 of certification candidates gained greater confidence in their abilities through certification, while 84 percent have experienced greater determination to succeed. There's a lot of other data that's worthy of consideration. Just bear in mind that, on some level, you're swallowing a treatise about the bliss of eating ice cream from, you know, an ice cream vendor.


Microsoft Says IT Certification Provides Immediate Benefits


Over at Microsoft Learn, the certification and training arm of software colossus Microsoft, there's further good news this week about the power of IT certification. The Microsoft Learn Blog has a #ProudToBeCertified series of blog posts, and this week's installment focuses on individuals whose power-up from IT certification kicked in more or less immediately upon becoming certified. One of the profilees, Salman Chishti, took a liking to IT in high school, but couldn't find classes at the university level on the IT topics he really wanted to studey. For Chishti, studying with Microsoft was the solution: He had the opportunity to become familiar with cutting-edge IT topics and tools and was ready to go when he stepped into a role as an intern at Microsoft. If you need some convincing as to the benefits of certification in general, then you should click over and give it a read.


Which CompTIA Server+ Topics Should You Focus On?


Tech industry association CompTIA recently released a brand new version of its Server+ certification exam, and upgraded its Server+ training and certification materials. Most certifications are organized topically, which is to say that all of information a candidate needs to master to achieve certification is laid our in study and training materials according to different domains, or areas of knowledge. Most exams offer a key to exam "weighting," so that certification candidates know to what extent each topics from each domain will be adressed by the exam. CompTIA study guide author Damon M. Garn discusses key topics for the new Server+ in a new post this week to the official CompTIA blog. Key areas of focus, Garn says, are virtualization/cloud, server deployments, and server hardenting. If you're preparing for the Server+ exam (or thinking about preparing for it), then you're almost certain to get helpful information from Garn.


Learning Tree Launches New SecDevOps Certification


Cybersecurity and DevOps go together like chocolate and peanut butter.Does anyone REALLY know what DevOps is all about? We don't. We know that DevOps is a thing that exists in the IT world, but if you put a gun to our head, then we'd probably mumble something about software and frameworks and development and operations and, uh, that's all there is, right? Well, now DevOps has migrated, or expanded, or blown up into a whole different area of IT: cybersecurity. That's right, cybersecurity and DevOps are not just two discrete things anymore. Now they are two great tastes that taste great together. Not only that, but education and IT training facilitator Learning Tree is here to help you fully fathom this fabulous new combo with a brand new certification. The SecDevOps Foundation credential is a joint venture between Learning Tree and the DevOps Institute. Watch this space next week for a new credential that brings together cybersecurity, DevOps and networking. (Ha, ha, we're kidding. NetSecDevOps is not a thing.) (As far as you know.)


That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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