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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 47

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, we sample CompTIA's IT industry outlook for 2022, (ISC)² cybersecurity tips for holiday shoppers making purchases online, and more.

CompTIA Touts IT Industry Outlook for 2022


The IT industyr is gearing up for 2022.It's that time of year again when everyone starts to furtively turn the page on the old year and perhaps not-so-quietly usher in the new. Here comes 2022! Over the past few weeks, tech industry association CompTIA has been inching toward the new year by releasing its IT Industry Outlook 2022 report. The report has been featured on the official CompTIA blog, where Carloyn April, CompTIA's senior director of industry analysis, has been outlining key findings of the report. After a topsy-turvy past two years of COVID-19 chaos, the tech industry appears to be bullish about 2022, and ready to return to "business" as usual. For example, at this time last year, only about 25 percent of IT firms anticipated working with an increased budget in the coming year. Right now, however, 40 percent of IT firms intend to spend more than before when 2022 officially gets here. If you are in a position to make IT business decisions over the coming year, or if you're just a working IT professional curious to know what the industry landscape might look like next year, then there's a lot of interesting information to sift through here.


ISACA Now Blogger Foretells Increasing Potential for Privacy Problems


There's a fair amount of concern about privacy protection across the IT industry. IT professionals are probably aware, to a greater degree, of the perils of protecting privacy, since various software tools are generally responsible for concerns about privacy mischief. Over at the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance professional association ISACA, a new post suggests that the cloud overshadowing the IT privacy landscape is only getting darker. Cybersecurity and risk management consultant C. Warren Axelrod said that things have gotten worse, and are continuing to get worse, because there of pandemic-driven pressures: "For example, the virtually instantaneous shift of many workers to remote facilities has vastly increased the attack surfaces of systems, networks and data, which were previously safer behind organizations’ defenses," Axelrod writes. "They are now more exposed to attacks in the remote-work environment. Distracted by new requirements of operating through the pandemic and subjected to economic stress, many organizations have not been focusing sufficiently on their cybersecurity needs, and privacy has suffered as a result."


Microsoft Learn Blog Introduces '5-Minute Recaps' Series


Here's a cool new thing to watch for over at the Microsoft Learn Blog. The training and certification arm of Microsoft is adding a new feature to help visitors stay abreast of new deveopments in the Microsoft education and training sphere. The first entry in the series offers a nutshell overview of recent additions and upgrades to certifications, exams, and training modules that fall underneath the Security, Compliance, and Identity umbrella. Things can change fast in the education and certification realm, and it's nice to be able to check in briefly and get a sense of what's happening.


(ISC)² Offers Cybersecurity Tips to Holiday Shoppers


Be safe while shopping online this holiday season!Cybersecurity professional association (ISC)² has a few words of warning that you may want to listen to before heading out to spend money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two of the biggest shopping days of the year are nearly here, and cyber thieves know it as well as you do. Even if you think you totally know the basics of online cybersecurity safety, it's probably worth taking a moment to click over to the (ISC)² blog and read up. For example, the blog warns that criminals have some deals of their own to offer — just not ones that are intended to benefit your holiday shopping budget. As the blog puts it: "Everyone wants their holiday gifts to arrive before the big day, but the reality is that many gifts won’t arrive on time. In addition to being mindful of unreal deals on this year’s hottest products, consumers should also be cautious of e-mails or ads that guarantee products will arrive ahead of the December holidays."


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