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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 6

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Training Industry discusses trends in IT skills development, ISACA pounds the pulpit about the importance of continuous monitoring, and more.

Training Industry Trumpets Trends in IT Skills Development


What are the top trends in IT training for 2021?Growth in any career includes a degree on ongoing education. In the IT sphere, continuing skills development is essential — staying employed means keeping up with the pace of change across the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Many IT certification programs require credential holders to meet a minimum standard for continuing education (CE) in order to stay certified. Traning Industry, which monitors the training and education landscape for working professionals, posted a new article this week by associate editor Hope Williams, who takes stock of the 2021 IT training landscape and discusses a number of relevant trends. For example, Williams writes that demand for data science professionals is mushrooming, and all varieties of data science expertise are in demand. The entire IT industry is also still in the throes of providing effective support and security for IT professionals who are doing their jobs while remaining at home, a work environment that became essential with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you work in an IT profession, then you have an interest in skills development. And if you have an interest in skills development, then it's worth taking a moment to click over and process Williams' outlook.


Microsoft Learn Blog Discusses Training Opportunities for Veterans


IT skills development is also of critical importance to career switchers, or individuals with training and expertise in a non-IT profession who are interested in crossing over to the IT industry. One important group of career switchers across the IT industry is the collective of individuals whose background is in one of the branches of the United States military. As senior product marketing manager Karina Ung notes in a new post to the Microsoft Learn Blog, about 200,000 U.S. military veterans transition to civilian life each year. Microsoft Learn's Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA) is one of a number of programs across the IT landscape that are purpose-designed to help military veterans embark on new careers in IT. In addition to providing education and skills training, MSSA helps program graduates with job placement, including many who are directly hired by Microsoft. Military personnel can even participate in MSSA while still on active duty. Program graduate Darren Braun is quoted by Ung as summing up his experience thusly: "I'm fortunate that the military has this MSSA program, because I was able to take time on my active-duty contract to do something about the next steps in my life." This is an opportunity that bears investigation by all military members.


ISACA Now Blogger Underlines Importance of Continuous Monitoring


Over at the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA, there's a new post this week by a cybersecurity professional guest blogger who has more than 25 certification acronyms listed after his name. That's credibility, folks. Guest blogger Muhammad Mushfiqur Rahman discusses "essential" pieces of the cybersecurity puzzle for any organization. First and foremost among the defensive elements that no organization should be without, Rahman stresses, is continuous monitoring. The enemy never sleeps, and neither should you. Any organization that is serious about cybersecurity, he argues, needs to have a round-the-clock commitment to guarding its cybersecurity perimeter that includes a "meaningful and operable" security operations center (SOC). Also important is maintaining a high level of cybersecurity awareness and commitment among all members of the organization.


Got a Cybersecurity Cert? Take CertMag's Cybersecurity Certification Survey


Take the CertMag Security Certification Survey!Everything you need to know about this one is in the headline, folks. As happens four times per year, the good folks over at Certification Magazine are conducting a new survey, the first of three "certification surveys" that will be conducted this year. (The fourth survey is the annual Salary Survey, which rolls around each end of summer in August.) This particular survey, which runs through the first week in March, is focused on cybersecurity, so the point is to collect information about the value of cybersecurity certifications and the overall experience of industry professionals who hold cybersecurity credentials. If you have at least one current cybersecurity cert, then you're eligible to participate, and you can choose to receive a free digital copy of the upcoming issue of the magazine (due in April) in return for participating. Information about certification benefits everyone in the IT industry, so it's to your advantage to participate.


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