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This practice quiz contains 20 questions, provided by Whizlabs Software.

Question 1:

Happy Joe Banking Corporation is building a Banking application to provide online access to their account holders. They have chosen 2 SUN 450s for their web server cluster and 1 SUN E10000 for their application server. The business requirements indicate that to become a customer, a person must have at least a primary checking account with the bank. Further since the customer will be using the Internet to view confidential information, security is considered paramount. What do you understand about the requirements of the system?


The need for Security is a classic example of a functional service level requirement and the checking account rule, an example of non-functional QoS requirement.

The discussion about Security and the mandatory checking account both illustrate functional service level requirements.

Neither Security nor the mandatory Checking Account are examples of any kind of requirements, theoretically speaking.

Security is an Architectural non-functional requirement and the Mandatory Checking Account a functional design requirement.

They are both examples of Business Use Cases.