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This practice test contains 10 questions and answer explanations, provided by, a provider of authorized Linux certification training.

Question 1:

How can you set the SGID on a file called PaulPaulitoTest?

A. Chmod g+s PaulPaulitoTest
B. Chmod u+t PaulPaulitoTest
C. Chmod u+s PaulPaulitoTest
D. Chmod o+s PaulPaulitoTest


Question 2:

If you’re configuring the GRUB boot loader, which of the following files would you edit in a boot loader? (Choose two)

A. /boot/grub/grub.lst
B. /boot/grub.conf
C. /boot/grub/menu.lst
D. /etc/grub.conf


Question 3:

Select all the ways of saving and exiting a vi session. (Choose three.)

A. :exit
B. Shift ZZ
C. :ZZ
D. :x
E. :w
F. :wq


Question 4:

Which of the following commands breaks out the second column from a comma delimited list named /etc/listme?

A. cut –d, -f2 /etc/listme
B. cut –d: -f1 /etc/listme
C. cut –d: -f0 /etc/listme
D. cut –d, -f1 /etc/listme


Question 5:

Which two programs will allow you to change the priority of a program already running? (Choose two.)

A. twice
B. chnice
C. top
D. nice
E. renice


Question 6:

Which of the following commands does not reboot the system?

A. shutdown –r now
B. init 6
C. reboot
D. telinit 0


Question 7:

Enter the command that substitutes the word Linux for Paulito from a file named SedTest01. Focus on the output, and don’t enter that output to the SedTest01 file. Also, don’t use the full path to the command.

A. Sed 's/Linux/Paulito/g' SedTest01
B. Sed s/Linux/Paulito/g SedTest01
C. Sed 's/Linux/Paulito g' SedTest01
D. Sed 's/Paulito/Linux/g' SedTest01


Question 8:

What does the command “In test paul” typically do?

A. it will create a symbolic link from paul to test
B. it will create a copy of the file test in paul
C. it will create a hard link from paul to test
D. it will create a symbolic link from test to paul


Question 9:

Your current unmask is set to 002. If you create a new file, what will the permission of the new file be?

A. ------w-
B. rwxrwx-w-
C. -rw-rw-r—
D. rwxrwxr-x


Question 10:

Which of the following actions can be run from the top command? (Choose two.)

A. New processes can be started
B. Killing a process by its PID
C. A process can be given a lower priority
D. Reboot the system
E. Measure the free space on the hard drive


Congratulations, you have completed this practice quiz and are one step closer to getting certified! Thanks again to, for these practice questions, which are excerpted from their practice exam with permission.

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