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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-120 Quiz 8

GoCertify Staff August 25, 2016

These free practice questions will help you test your knowledge of Cisco CCNA exam content. This free quiz addresses content from exam 200-120.

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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 34)

GoCertify Staff August 24, 2016

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Oracle offers FREE certification exams at OpenWorld, pass your next Microsoft certification exam with help from the experts, and more.

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CASP Practice Quiz: Enterprise Security Quiz 1

GoCertify Staff August 23, 2016

IT security expert Mike Chapple helps you test your grasp of CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner exam content. This free quiz addresses the first of CASP's five knowledge domains: Enterprise Security.

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Weighing the Shortcomings of Wearable Tech

David Telford August 22, 2016

Wearable tech is the self-driving car of personal devices. It holds great promise, and most people at least think they'd like to try it out. So why do new devices keep struggling to catch on?

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Enter the Brave New World of Virtual Assistants

Nenad Dumanovic August 20, 2016

What is a virtual assistant? And what do they do? What don't they do, really? If you're willing to work from anywhere, for anyone, doing anything at all (that you know how to do), then step up.

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The "Bulldog Method" of Certification Preparation

Ed Tittel August 19, 2016

After a long layoff from working with technology, an IT-professional-turned-truck-driver tackled CompTIA's Network+ exam, and passed on her first try. What was her silver bullet?

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Security+ Practice Quiz: SY0-401 Quiz 10

GoCertify Staff August 18, 2016

These practice questions will help you improve your grasp of concepts covered by the CompTIA Security+ exam. This free quiz addresses content from exam SY0-401.

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Is CompTIA's InfoSec Push a Positive for IT?

Aaron Axline August 17, 2016

The leading IT industry association is expanding the breadth of its security certification portfolio. Adding further acronyms and plus-rated nouns, however, raises a variety of problems.

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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-120 Quiz 7

GoCertify Staff August 16, 2016

These free practice questions will help you test your knowledge of Cisco CCNA exam content. This free quiz addresses content from exam 200-120.

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The Three Hottest Database Certifications Right Now

Nathan Kimpel August 15, 2016

Everyone wants more data, and most companies want employees with specialized knowledge of database technology. These certifications can help you get to the front of the hiring line.

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