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Last Chance to Save: Cost of Microsoft Cert Exams to Rise

If you’ve got a Microsoft cert exam in your future, then you may want to jump on exam voucher and bundle deals right now. That’s because exam prices are about to take a hike. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Risky Business: An Intro to GRC (and GRC Certification) for IT Pros

Identifying and mitigating risk is an important element of business in 2016. And Risk management is as vital to business success in the the IT realm as it is to business success anywhere else.

Three Big Data Certs that can Give Your IT Career a Spark

Businesses and organizations are neck-deep in data, and the bits (and bytes) just keep coming. Anyone who can master the data-sifting secrets of Spark holds the key to a red-hot employment market.

Surf's Up: Long Wave of Microsoft Certification Changes Breaking

Microsoft Learning is ushering in a Windows 10 MCSA credential, phasing out its Winows 8 and 8.1 antecedents, and generally initiating a fast-breaking wave changes to the Microsoft certification lineup.

Your Tech Support Career and the Best Certifications for the Job

Just about anywhere that any kind of business is being done, there are IT tools, equipment and processes that require ongoing support and repair. These certs will get you in the door and off on the right foot.

Certification and Your Career in Professional Sports

Big Data has been a big part of professional sports for a while now. Your jump shot or fastball may not be ready for the big leagues, but analytics certification could get you called up.

Get Plugged In to Windows 10 Pro Power Tools with New E-Book

Want some "inside" info from Microsoft? There's a terrific new reference volume out for Windows 10 "power users" and IT pros. The price is right, too — you can grab one off the stack free of charge.

So You Want to Be a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Information security continues to be one of the hottest hiring and employment sectors in IT. ISACA's popular and lucrative CISM certification could be your ticket to an exciting security career.

Taking What They're Gigging: IT, the Gig Economy and You

The so-called "gig economy" is changing the face of professional labor in 2016. Long-term relationships with a single employer are out, for many, while a brave new world of temporary work is the norm.

U.S. Employment Numbers for April Show Economy in a Rut

Given lackluster job growth in April and downward revision of figures from March and February, it would appear that the U.S. job market is mired in some serious doldrums.

The 10 Most In-Demand Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft technology reaches into most corners of IT, and Microsoft certification can be a powerful force in your IT career. These are the Microsoft certs employers are clamoring for in 2016.

IT Certification Council Looks Ahead to Brave New World of IT Certification

New technology and shifting business paradigms are already redrawing the previously familiar contours of the IT certification world. A forward-thinking ITCC white paper surveys the emerging landscape.

Microsoft Sets Stage for Windows Server 2016 with New eBook

Windows Server 2016 is knocking on the door of system admins everywhere. In anticipation of the full product release later this year, Microsoft Press is offering an exclusive sneak preview.

A Vital Cert for IT Pros Charged with Securing the Internet of Things

The fast-growing Internet of Things has many security vulnerabilities. Many of the solutions to this problem will sound familiar, but there's a key cert that can help IT pros stay abreast of emerging challenges.

CBT Nuggets Launches New Video Training for A+ (902), CCNA Certs

Certification training provider CBT Nuggets is adding to its training library. New videos address CompTIA's latest A+ overhaul, as well as the Wireless and Collaboration CCNA certs from Cisco.

CompTIA Makes Strong Argument for Soft Skills

Tech pros need to do more than develop and enhance hard technical skills to succeed in the workplace. CompTIA’s new PrepareU initiative aims to teach soft skills related to job search and job acquisition.