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Computer Certification Articles

How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Are Software Architects Masters of the IT Universe?

Are you a software stud with excellent Big Picture skills? If you're ready to move up from coding and you have a gift for managing complex development processes, then you could be on the cusp of an exciting and well-compensated career.

Microsoft Takes a Stab at Virtuous Certification

Certification may not exactly be its own reward, but Microsoft is pushing IT professionals toward that belief with a slew of interesting offerings and promotions from Microsoft Learning.

CompTIA Advises Federal Government on Technology Convergence

New report recommends steps to help government officials take advantage of technology convergence.

Microsoft Offers Free Windows 10 Cert Exam ... But There's a Catch

Windows 10 is almost here, and Windows 10 certification will be arriving hot on the heels of the new OS. What does that have to do with Windows 8? Plenty.

The Revolution Will Not Be Standardized: How the Evolving Test Landscape Could Effect Certification

Standardized testing may be on the way out in the United States, which could eventually impact the way that certification exams are formulated.


Logical Operations to offer cybersecurity certifications

Longtime provider of certification training materials enters a new side of the industry. New credentials to address gaps in existing IT certification coverage.

Sifting through the Global Knowledge list of highest-paying IT certs

Lists of the top-paying IT certifications are often a little bit like a rogue's gallery: full of familiar faces. You'll see several of the usual suspects here, as well as a few long-lost associates.

Top-Paying Tech Jobs: Walk In the Door, Get $90K or More

Want to get paid? The U.K. edition of Business Insider lists 14 IT job titles to draw a big red circle around when gearing up for your next employment search.

Cisco Announces Expansion of Cisco Collaborations Credentials

As technologies converge, certifications merge. IT networking giant Cisco is expanding its certification portfolio again with additional collaborations offerings.

Getting Started in IT Security: Experience or Education?

Do you need a college degree to carve out a successful cybersecurity career? Or is it better to start working in the field and learn on the job?