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Disney Lawsuits Argue Against Persistent Reports of IT Skills Gap

Is there an IT skills gap in the United States? As revealed by an increasingly acrimonious rift between The Walt Disney Company and former IT employees, the skills gap may be more fiction than fact.

Cert-By-Number: CertMag Posts Salary Survey List

At the end of 2015, Certification Magazine conducted its annual Salary Survey. On Friday, a big "best of" reveal appeared at the magazine's official website — the Salary Survey 75 list of top-salaried certs.

Drat! Employment Takes an Unwelcome Step Back in January

After a killer December 2015, I was primed for good things to happen in 2016 on the jobs front. Alas, January’s numbers only met those hopes halfway. When, oh when, will we see a clear path to growth?

CompTIA's Long-Lived A+ Still an Ideal IT Point of Entry

With newly revised exams released at the end of 2015, the venerable jack-of-all-tech certification is still going strong after 22 years. More than 1 million A+ pros are already out there. Will you be next?

Microsoft Kicks Off Second KiPi Challenge

Think you have what it takes to get a Microsoft certification in just 90? Do you know that you have what it takes? Microsoft Learning and Microsoft Virtual Academy are bringing back the Know it Prove it certification challenge.

Dice Salary Survey Casts Rays of 2016 Sunshine on IT Pros

Tech employment facilitator Dice says U.S. technology workers' salaries are have been steadily climbing since 2011, with a big boom between 2014 and 2015.

10 Top Certs That Can Be Your Calling Card to a Better Career

There are literally hundreds of IT certifications to choose from. These 10 will make an impression and help further your IT ambitions in almost any career direction that you decide to point yourself.

LinkedIn Dives Into Data, Finds Leading Tech Skills for 2016

What were the most sought after skills of 2015 among tech professionals on one of the world's leading employment networks? Looking back points the way forward.

A Classic Revisited: Totally Free Certification Training

You don't have to spend a ton of money to get certified. Actually, with a little luck, a sound knowledge of your subject matter, and some breaks on exam fees, you might not have to spend anything at all! Lists Most Challenging Tech Jobs to Hire For in 2016

Looking to either change jobs or enter the IT employment sector in 2016? You need to know where the hiring hotspots are. A recent report by IT job search site Dice sheds some light.

Microsoft Learning Issues New Roadmap for IT Certifications

With pending the retirement of the MCSA: Windows 8 credential, and its replacement by the forthcoming MCSA: Windows 10, the Microsoft certification landscape has been transformed.

J/K, LOL, Microsoft to Offer Windows 10 MCSA After All

After sending out initial indications that no Windows 10 MCSA cert would be forthcoming — and thereby casting the entire future of MCSA certification into doubt — Microsoft has reversed course.

Robert Half Technology Highlights 2016 IT Hiring Hotspots in U.S.

Wondering where to put your certified skills to work in 2016? Employment giant Robert Half has region-specific IT hiring info for working professionals in the United States.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report Rings Out 2015 on a High Note

The U.S. employment outlook was splendid in December, and upward revisions to October and November reporting makes the overall picture even rosier heading into 2016.

Classroom Chat: Talking IT Certification with Career College Crowd

Certification can be a vital element of any college education. GoCertify visits the front lines of IT training to check up on the next generation of tech professionals.

Ready or Not, Here Comes 2016!

With each new year that comes, it’s time to (re)examine and (re)think your training and certification plans. Where are you now, and where would you like to be in one, three, or five years? 

The Best of GoCertify 2015: Top Articles and Quizzes

It's the end of 2015 as we know it. Before we charge boldly ahead, however, it's time for one last, longing look back at the top content to appear on GoCertify in 2015.

Season's Greetings from All of Us at GoCertify

It's the most wonderful time of the year. As we all prepare to swan dive into 2016, the GoCertify staff looks back in appreciation across an eventful 12 months.

2015: The Year That Was in Information Security

It's been a wild and woolly year in the information security realm. If you're cybersecurity certified, these are the happenings that should have caused the biggest blips on your IT radar.

GoCertify Recaps College Football Season: What's the Play of the Year?

All season long, GoCertify has been tracking the best plays in college football. But which one was the most spectacular? Which one will we still remember at this time next year? You make the call.

CompTIA Says Big Data Exceeding Expectations

IT industry association CompTIA has completed a round of research into the utilization of Big Data by major companies. Their conclusion? The Force is strong with this one.

Practice Labs: Make One Yourself, or Buy from Someone Else?

Many certification exams have a hands-on lab component that requires exam candidates to practically apply their knowledge. What's the best way to prepare for such a "live fire" exercise?

Seasonal Shoppers: Give the Gift of Certification!

'Tis the season of holiday giving. A certification discount could help you give your loved one the gift of a better future, but that's not the only way to spread the certification love.

These Rock-Solid Certifications Will Keep On Keeping On in 2016

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the fast-evolving IT realm. Certain IT credentials, on the other hand, are just as relevant today as 10 years ago. What are the certs with the most staying power?

Red Hat Certification Still Pursuing Performance-Based Path

Many, if not most, certification programs still use exams largely or wholly fueled by multiple-choice questions. Red Hat, however, has long marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Support Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code

The future of computer technology is in the hands of the next generation. All next week, different groups will band together to encourage those bright young minds to embrace IT.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report Indicates Waning IT Employment

November’s U.S. employment numbers aren’t terribly bad, but they aren’t terribly good, either. Ed Tittel says his suspicions about last month's jump in the numbers have been borne out.

Which Is Best for IT: Certifications or a University Degree?

Whether a college degree or a steady diet of certs offers better preparation for a career in IT is an ongoing discussion. Some universities are changing the equation by offering their own certifications.

Continuing Opportunities in Big Data for IT Pros

Companies everywhere have been stockpiling data for decades. The push to unlock ever more of the secrets held in those digital caches is keeping demand for Big Data skills high.

GoCertify is Thankful for Everyone Who Reads This

GoCertify gives thanks for the tremendous support of our loyal users. Here's to greater knowledge, stronger skill sets, and better employment, now and in 2016.

Measuring the Impact of Windows 10 Mobile on Microsoft Certification

The release of Windows 10 Mobile, the new OS for Microsoft smartphones, is quickly approaching. What will be its impact on the thriving suite of Windows certifications?

Plenty of Life Left in the Shrinking Home PC Market

Sales of personal computers for home and personal use have dwindled in recent years, while tablets, phones and other alternatives gain in popularity. Does the PC still have a place?

Cisco Aims to Future Proof Certs Through 'Evolving Technologies'

Cisco is adapting its top-level certifications — without fundamentally changing them — to incorporate new technological innovations that are reshaping the face of IT.

Certification Magazine Rewards Salary Survey Participants with Free Digital Subscription

Do you like IT certification? Are you employed in an IT job? Have you ever been curious about IT salaries? The annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey brings it all together.

Study Up for New Security+ with More Than 400 Practice Questions from CertBlaster

The demand for cybersecurity certifications is booming, and few are more respected than CompTIA's popular Security+. CertBlaster can help you tackle the brand new revised Security+ exam.

More Opportunities for Cybersecurity Employment Than You Might Think

CompTIA says human error is a leading contributor to security breaches. The need for complete IT security staffing and full security training for all personnel has never been greater.

Five Certs to Put You on the Path to Project Management

Are you looking for a career path that welcomes problem solvers who have a take-charge mentality? A certification can trigger your promising pursuit of professional project management.

Learn to Code: So You Want To Be a Programmer

It's not as glamorous as some other highly-compensated IT skills, but the ability to write strong computer code can be the key to a long and successful career.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report: Slow Growth Mode Reloaded

The numbers are in and the outlook is good. Good enough, in fact, that we may be headed back to the old status quo of steady, incremental growth and overall economic improvement.

Product Review: LabConnection Online Certification Training Tool

When's the last time you configured a router or connected it to a computer without getting up from your chair? GoCertify takes dti Publishing's Lab Connection training tool for a spin.

CompTIA Offers New Cybersecurity Corporate Training Course

Does your organization's workforce have a cybersafe mindset? A new CompTIA training course aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Will the New Spark Course from MapR Lead to a Spark Certification?

Big Data technology and jobs are booming everywhere you look. Now MapR appears poised to enhance its certification game with a new free class on Apache Spark.

Security Matters: Rootkit Attacks and How to Prevent Them

When a cybercrime tactic becomes so widespread that TV writers overuse it, then it's clear that the cybersecurity world has a serious problem on its hands.

Microsoft Just Says No to MCSA Certification for Windows 10

With the announcement this week that it will not offer MCSA certification specfic to Windows 10, Microsoft is sending a signal. Ed Tittel discusses what it means.

CIW Certification Revamps for the Modern Web Professional

Times have changed since 2001, and so has one of the leading IT certifications for webmasters. Come to think of it, is webmastering even still a thing people do?

Exploring the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification

As cloud computing technology spreads like wildfire, (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance have teamed up to give IT professionals the skills and knowledge needed to protect firms' increasingly substantial cloud assets.

Need More Data: The Give and Take of Sharing Information Online

Does it sometimes seem as though the internet knows you better than your own mother? Data that describes you is everywhere — and that's not entirely a bad thing.

SANS Offers Cybersecurity Training for Transitioning Military Personnel

SANS is working with active-duty personnel from several branches of the U.S. military to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to make a swift and successful transition to civilian life and work.

Ready, Set, Certified! GoCertify Unveils New Training Portal

Our mission is to help you get certified and succed in IT. Now GoCertify is taking the next step by making it easy to purchase both exam vouchers and top-quality training materials.

New Windows 10 MCSD Credential Makes Its Debut

Microsoft has an intriguing new Windows 10 certification on deck. Ed Tittel sifts through the news about the pending debut of the latest Microsoft Certified Solution Developer credential.

ITIL Certification Helps IT Pros Implement Proven Processes

Knowing how to approach, address and solve challenges can be a valuable IT business skill. ITIL certification can help learn to think like a problem solver.

MOOCs Continue to Spur the Evolution of Digital Education

Continued interest in massive open online courses is changing the face of digital learning. Might a MOOC the ideal place to write the next chapter of your continuing IT education?

National Cyber Security Alliance Wants to Help You Avoid Getting Tricked

Don't click the link in that e-mail! And consider using a filter to protect your children. If Halloween is almost here, then it must be National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

September Report Muddies Waters of Wishy-Washy Job Market

The U.S. employment outlook is settling into being unsettled. We should probably all get used to continued sluggish underperformance laced with unfortunate backsliding.

CompTIA Forecasts Ongoing Challenges for IT Pros

Need more work? Ready or not, CompTIA study predicts that IT professionals will be learning more and doing more as businesses continue to invest in IT solutions.

Having Fun with CompTIA's Interactive Map of U.S. IT Jobs Data

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ed Tittel says that the interactive map of U.S. IT employment data compiled by CompTIA is worth far more than that.

Network Design Overview: Is This IT Career Right for You?

As IT networking evolves, the need for skilled network designers is increasing. Do you have what it takes to make your mark in this career field?

GoCertify is Giving Away the Farm (No, Not Literally)

We're doing it again! GoCertify and other sites in the GoCertify family are ready to make your day. And there are lots of different ways to get your name in our hat.

Can Certification Exams Trump College Finals?

Many colleges and universities integrate certs into their curricula. Western Governors University is taking things one step further, however, and blazing an intriguing trail for others to follow.

So You Want To Be a Network Administrator

What do network administrators do, and what steps do you need to take to move into that line of work? (Hint: The right certification can make a big difference.)

Certified Software Testers Swat Software Bugs

Do you have a search-and-destroy mentality when it comes to software bugs? An ISTQB software testing certification could send you down a fulfilling career path.

Help Others Succeed In IT as a Certified Technical Trainer

As IT becomes more and more predominant in business, the need for qualified and competent technical trainers increases. What does it take to excel in this field?

When Certs Go Downmarket, Do They Lose Value?

What's the benefit of courting courting young minds (and a thriving new market) by taking certs to high school? And does certification youthification have a downside?

Happy Labor Day from GoCertify!

College football has begun, children are back in school, there are cool breezes carrying the smell of outdoor BBQ and the leaves are about to turn.

Choose the Right Study Materials for Your Next Certification

When it comes to finding study materials, it's an IT jungle out there! Sometimes, however, changing the way that you look can lead to a wealth of resources.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Again)

"Slow growth mode" persists. Emplyment numbers for June and July get a shot in the arm, but August employment figures are anemic, with just 173,000 new jobs.

Attack of the Drones: The New High-Speed Internet Paradigm?

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... the internet? With tech companies racing to get their new ISPs flying the friendly skies, connectivity is about to explode.

ISACA to Release Overhauled CISA Certification Exam in 2016

ISACA's popular and respected CISA certification is heading to the shop for body work, detailing and a new coat of paint. The new CISA exam will be available next year.

Dream a Little Dream of IT: CompTIA Wants Women to Join Tech Ranks

Women and girls are still, generally speaking, steering clear in droves of IT education and IT employment. CompTIA's Advancing Women in IT initiative wants to change the conversation.

Online Certification Exams: Some Say 'All In,' Others to Wait and See

Microsoft has now made all, or at least nearly all, of its MCP and MTA certification exams available online. Not everyone with certs on offer, however, is ready to join the web-based testing revolution.

Are You Overworked? How to Deal with Work-Related Stress

Most IT jobs involve various types of pressure, experienced at varying levels of intensity. Taking small preventive measures can help you avoid getting worn down from work-related stress.

It's Time for IT Networking Professionals to Join the SDN Revolution

The technology has been gradually emerging for a while, but software-defined networking (SDN) is definitely having a moment in IT. Certification can get you up to speed.

Open Networking Foundation to Launch SDN Certifications

One of tech's long-gestating next big things is software-defined networking. The new technology has been somewhat slow to spread, but two new certifications could speed things up.

Code Portal Predicts Promising Possibilities for Programmers

Programming languages are many and varied, which can make it tough for software developers to know which ones to latch on to. A recent trend analysis by GitHub picked some winners.

Networking (Not the IT Kind) Can Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Being able to do a job is not the same thing as being able to get that job. It's important to have marketable skills, but finding the right way to market those skills is the real trick.

The Role of IT Auditor and The Best Certification for The Job

Auditors fill a vital — and complex — role in the IT realm. The job pays well if you have the patience, communcation skills, and thoroughgoing attention to detail required to excel.

Security Matters: Malware Jumps the Air Gap

Is a computer network ever completely protected against attack and intrusion? Air gap protection used to seem like a pretty surefire security bet. Malware, however, gets sneakier all the time.

July Employment Situation Presents ... the "New Normal?"

There have been better months recently. July's employment numbers are so closely aligned with current averages, however, that they could indicate activity through the rest of 2015 ... and beyond.

Pluralsight to Provide $20 million in Free Courses to Unemployed Americans

The federal government's TechHire program is enlisting IT partners to help make skills training available to those who can benefit from it most. Utah-based Pluralsight is one of the firms that answered the call.

Make Mine Mobile: Interest In Apps Drives IT Opportunities Aplenty

Mobile devices are in the hands of tech-savvy consumers around the globe. As the boom in swiping to accomplish everything spreads, there are employment opportunities aplenty for savvy IT pros.

CertBlaster Preps Test Takers for New Network+ Exam with More Than 500 Practice Questions

Do you need a double-barreled approach to exam prep? The new CompTIA Network+ practice exam from CertBlaster is locked and loaded with valuable practice content.

How to Choose the Right Certification to Advance Your IT Career

It's one thing to decide that you want to pursue a career in comptuer technology. Once you've made that decision, however, what's the best way to narrow things down from there?

Oracle Certification Candidates Can Get a Boost at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle certification candidates who have plans to attend the annual OpenWorld convention in San Francisco can get special access to certification training before the real action kicks in.

A Look at Some Mobile App Developer Certs

If you have some programming skills (and a flair for graphic design), read on to learn about some highly popular mobile app developer certifications that could help you launch a new career.

Microsoft Crowns Winners of Imagine Cup for Student Innovation

Young minds often have big ideas. Microsoft celebrated the technological wizardry of students from around the world at the concluding World Finals of its annual Imagine Cup.

IT Immersion in Chicago: GoCertify Checks In from ChannelCon

Just like Willie Nelson, GoCertify is on the road again. We bring you up to speed after spending our first day in the Windy City attending CompTIA's annual ChannelCon event.

The Sorta Cool New Feature on Your Gmail and How to Swing It

Your Gmail now has a rare and precious black magic that lets your suck back e-mails that you didn't really intend to send. OK, fine, it doesn't really do that. But it is kind of a cool new feature.

Survey Says: Red Hat Points to Trends in IT Mobility Hiring

Want to know where you should be looking for your next IT job? Red Hat says mobility is on the move, with hiring for this vital IT specialization expected to boom in the next couple of years.

Making the Leap from IT Education to IT Employment

Getting a degree or diploma, and augmenting that with a certification or two, doesn't automatically ensure you a full-time job in IT. What are the career tools required to successfully thrive in the workforce?

Drive-By Downloads Pose New and Dangerous Cyberthreat

Do you keep your cyber-protection software updated? Just when you thought it was safe to surf the web, the spread of drive-by downloads is making it harder than ever to keep your system secure.

Dragon's Den at CompTIA ChannelCon: Five Will Enter, One Gets the Prize

CompTIA to liven things up at annual IT business bash by throwing fistful of tech entrepreneurs to the dragons. Cash prize at stake for whoever emerges least scathed.

What's the Big Deal About BYOD?

Some workplaces are about as friendly to your phone or laptop as the Mos Eisley cantina was to R2 and 3PO in Star Wars. Others wonder: Why make a stink about using personal devices to do work stuff at the office?

Oracle Highlights Certification Path for IT Pros Interested in DBaaS

With the cloud-driven -aaS market extending into the database realm, Oracle Certification says now is the time for IT pros to brush up their database certs in anticipation of the new trend.

Blaze Your Trail to IT Accomplishment with Newly Updated Certification Success e-Book

Now in its 18th year of providing IT certification guidance since an initial publication by now-defunct Coriolis Group Books, Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success is a valuable resource for certification tips and tools.

Your Career as a Service: Cloud Computing Continues to Loom Over the IT Landscape

Is your head in the Cloud? As cloud computing continues to dominate the hiring climate in IT, we take a look at the core (Computing Technology)aaS offerings that drive the market.

The Top 5 Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft has a huge presence in the IT certification realm, and many, many certifications available. Which of all of them, however, are the ones most likely to get your resume to the top of the stack?

CompTIA Reports Backward Tick in IT Business Confidence

Economic recovery in the United States has been slow but steady for several years. Yet a new report from CompTIA suggests that IT businesses are wavering in their view of the current economic climate.

Online, Proctored Cert Testing for Microsoft MCP and MTA Credentials Now Available in More than 40 Countries

It started slowly, but Microsoft's move into the realm of test-from-home, online certification exams is quickly picking up steam. If your country is not on the list yet, change could happen soon.

Sweet Certification Savings Available to Microsoft Partner Network Members

Microsoft Learning is offering enterprise and educational partners a two-for-one on certification exam vouchers. If your organization has people who need certification, then don't hesitate to act.

Is Software-Defined Networking Right for Your IT Career?

A computer network is a plug-and-play proposition for many people. Software-Defined Networking changes the game for businesses, offering high levels of network flexibility and programmability.