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Cybersecurity in the Workplace: How You Can Make a Difference

Don't be the weakest link. One of the most important ways that any IT organization can protect itself from cybercrime is to have a proactive, security conscious workforce.

Burnish Your Web Development Cred by Becoming an Acquia Grand Master

You don't have to know sixteen levels of karate or go on a quest for a lost ring of power to become a grand master. Just grab a fistful of web development certs from Acquia.

The Mission of Community Colleges and the Role of IT Certification

When you pause to consider that the chief mandate for most community colleges is to prepare students to enter the workforce with relevant, usable job skills, is it any wonder that so many of their IT offerings involve certification in some form or fashion?

Get with the Program: Why C Should Be Your First (If Not Only) Computer Language

In many ways, the C programming language is the granddaddy of them all. And while there are many other languages currently available, it's still worth learning to code in C. (Something that certification can help with!)

What to Expect When You're Expecting CompTIA's New Server+ Exam

CompTIA is preparing to launch the newest iteration of its Server+ credential either late this year or in 2016. Aaron Axline has taken the beta version of the new exam and tells readers what to be on the lookout for.


Java Certification Could Boost Your Web Development Career

Take your web development career to the next level (and stay ahead of the security curve that afflicts one of the world's most exploitable web tools) with a new Java 8 credential.

Even More Ways to Study Effectively for a Certification Exam

There are even more ways to successfully study for a certification exam than those ennumerated earlier this week. Ed Tittel takes the baton from Aaron Axline with further recommendations and a popular (and free) e-book on the subject.

Help GoCertify Meet More of Our Neighbors and You Could Win a Kindle Fire

Want to add a 16 GB 7-inch Kindle Fire to your array of personal technology? (Watch movies! Play games! Browse the latest articles on GoCertify!) Help us expand our reach and we'll put your name in our hat.

How to Study Effectively for a Certification Exam

There are many different ways to study for your next certification exam. There are study techniques that will serve you well, however, no matter what specific approach you find most effective.

MeasureUp Goes Mobile with Array of Certification Practice Exams

Lots of busy IT pros have to make room for certification preparation wherever they can. MeasureUp is using mobile technology to deliver practice tests anytime, anywhere that you can get a connection.