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Measuring the Impact of Windows 10 Mobile on Microsoft Certification

The release of Windows 10 Mobile, the new OS for Microsoft smartphones, is quickly approaching. What will be its impact on the thriving suite of Windows certifications?

Plenty of Life Left in the Shrinking Home PC Market

Sales of personal computers for home and personal use have dwindled in recent years, while tablets, phones and other alternatives gain in popularity. Does the PC still have a place?

Cisco Aims to Future Proof Certs Through 'Evolving Technologies'

Cisco is adapting its top-level certifications — without fundamentally changing them — to incorporate new technological innovations that are reshaping the face of IT.

Certification Magazine Rewards Salary Survey Participants with Free Digital Subscription

Do you like IT certification? Are you employed in an IT job? Have you ever been curious about IT salaries? The annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey brings it all together.

Study Up for New Security+ with More Than 400 Practice Questions from CertBlaster

The demand for cybersecurity certifications is booming, and few are more respected than CompTIA's popular Security+. CertBlaster can help you tackle the brand new revised Security+ exam.

More Opportunities for Cybersecurity Employment Than You Might Think

CompTIA says human error is a leading contributor to security breaches. The need for complete IT security staffing and full security training for all personnel has never been greater.

Five Certs to Put You on the Path to Project Management

Are you looking for a career path that welcomes problem solvers who have a take-charge mentality? A certification can trigger your promising pursuit of professional project management.

Learn to Code: So You Want To Be a Programmer

It's not as glamorous as some other highly-compensated IT skills, but the ability to write strong computer code can be the key to a long and successful career.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report: Slow Growth Mode Reloaded

The numbers are in and the outlook is good. Good enough, in fact, that we may be headed back to the old status quo of steady, incremental growth and overall economic improvement.

Product Review: LabConnection Online Certification Training Tool

When's the last time you configured a router or connected it to a computer without getting up from your chair? GoCertify takes dti Publishing's Lab Connection training tool for a spin.