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CompTIA Assesses Moods and Attitudes of IT Workers

Moods and Tudes daddy daughter work from home daySurvey respondents indicated that learning opportunities and professional networking are specific offerings that make group membership (in a professional society, alumni association, or any of the other groups cited in the preceding paragraph) valuable and worthwhile. IT pros also show strong interest in working with “cutting edge technologies” that include hacking and cybersecurity, new hardware or software, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).


When asked to describe their dream jobs, survey respondents offered these five elements most often to answer this request for information (numbered items are quoted verbatim out of an e-mail from CompTIA PR maven and Director Steven Ostrowski):


1) Workplace flexibility, with options for flexible hours, work from home, or work remotely, to allow them to enjoy a work-life balance.
2) Leadership opportunities to supervise a team of tech pros and to have a greater positive impact on the organization.
3) Working with and being challenged by new technologies, so they can expand their personal knowledge and skills and become greater contributors to organizational success.
4) Opportunities to make a difference by helping others.
5) Fair pay that keeps pace with and acknowledges their expanded skill set and greater responsibilities as they advance in their career.


The top training methods that IT pros prefer to technical training are many and varied. They include practice tests and skills assessments, labs and simulations for hands-on experience and learning, eLearning courses, online sessions and webinars, and instructor-led classroom training (ILT).


In addition, 9 out of 10 agree that testing after training is important to confirm knowledge and skills gains (53 percent say “very important;” 37 percent say “somewhat important”).


And finally, the survey results suggest that IT certification continues to appreciate in value and worth. Nearly 3 our of every 4 of IT managers rate IT certs as “valuable in terms of validating skills or evaluating job candidates” (73 percent say either “very valuable” or “somewhat valuable” in this metric, up from 59 percent in 2015).


If you’d like to read the study for yourself, you’ll find it on the CompTIA Insights & Tools page. Look for the heading that reads Research: Evaluating IT Workforce Needs.



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